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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sports day?

Or week or month??
Inundated with sports arnd the world..and am not complaining:-)
3 matches in football, India WI test match and French open finals beckons..
In the women's tennis one more ---ova and model arrives! Be ready for foto splurge! As for the other finalist henin hardenne - while u are alone in ur bathroom or bedroom try voicing the exact pronunciation of her name aloud:-0
In Fr open, mens, its Fedex Vs Nadal again 2moro..its going to be a great showdown and with Nadal having had sooper match whereas Fedex had an abandoned match..but showed his class with some unbelievable shots..a couple of shots he really fooled not only the opponent but all us viewers..while u expect only a couple of standard choices of shots in some situations he came up with incredible he’s still in..did u notice one thing? In the semis it was all the 1st 4 seeds in tennis and in the finals the top 2!

As for football, germans escaped the 1st match syndrome where many a giants failed in the past..but anyway they have nothing in them to go past quarters, even if they have spent billions for this WC!
How can we miss the statement that comes on all lips every 4 years? So for our part, all of u say it aloud with me: ‘A nation of 1 billion plus and we can’t send a team of 11 for football WC! Che what a nation’..(ok to my comments) But tell me if we are in any field that needs aggression speed and body power..see the guys playing there and the shots pounded with raw power..oops..its generally tuff for asians per say and that’s why u see the Koreans and japs come up with short passes and speed to offset the natural disadvantage! And south Koreans added a few million loud mouths to that and went as far as the semis in the last that’s the best u can see from an asian country..
But don’t let that worry u folks..We Indians are just one step closer now! Believe me there are 644.5 “experts” analyzing each match – before, during and after and coming out with amazingly ridiculous views..if only the other coaches of these latin American and euro teams listen! then be assured they r gonna forget football and we can sneak in..

NO!! am not yet over on my riling..
ESPN has soooper hindi commentators (remember our good old sushil doshi of our AIR days??) and they were freaking out..really, I had to undergo that shit for 30 mins until the hotel chappies (yeah saw the match on the terrace of raintree!)found a way to bring english commentary on. 5th minute in to the game, the hindi comm. was calling god and what not..(hey Bhagwan! kya shot..maaarrraaa..and that high pitched shout with no relevant words like everytime we used to have a boundary or 2 less in cricket!)oh phuckkkkk..oh yuckkkkk..
Asusual IBN goofs it up..this news channel had an op poll conducted (one of the 100 they conduct each day) for who will win the WC..and they flash below stating brasil: 1 and UK:2..its not UK my dear fool, its England! Infact scots and Ireland too tried to qualify..Ok some one like Sardesai who can never get to pronounce TN (he says tzaaamilnaad always) can only come up with such brilliant shows..they have no knowledge of geography or history or current affairs and they run a channel! So easy eh?


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