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Monday, June 19, 2006

So no takers??

I went to pondy..all u losers..cud not guess, eh?
a bunch of us schoolmates visited Neyveli to our alma mater..had a gr8 time..emotional, grateful, nostalgic and all was fun to be in the places we did all nonsense (and some sense) 20+ years back..and to see the various places of additional fun in your old town is _______(yeah indescribable, so the blank)..a sad reminder to our status as old farts - as many of our teachers had retired..then we all went to near by pondy – mother’s land and beach resort to chill out..
Then it was laugh riot all the way – each one narrating other’s silly pranks of yester years and pulling each others’ legs..and ofcourse laughing our guts out..many accepted on one thing – that we have not laughed like that continuous thru the night ever..and if u ever thought laughing cannot be so tiresome..u just had to see us the next day..all sapped out..good fun that..
Such group flash backs are so good, it helps refreshing and also reduces some ageing in u..(it helps old farts like us)
Some examples of flash back..
A new physics teacher walks in to the class(9th?) and starts off in to lesson straight away after a small customary intro..and she mentions Archimedes..and immly C raises his hand and with a serious face asks “initial madam” and we all go in to a prrr laughter and she is irritated and sternly asks him we recall this C feigns ignorance and acts like he has we unnecessarily pull out more incidents and he surrenders…

One teacher of the electrical gadgets ( a not so serious elective in cbse in 9th)used to be the target of many of our pranks bcos it had no big significance in ur rank or curiculum. R irritates him so much he gets fed up and so poses a question thinking to shut him up - "whats ur rank" and R cooly without batting an eyelid says - 'about 4.5 sir' and that man was bold..the class was in splits..

As our tamil teacher walks around the class and reads aloud from the prose or poetry we are supposed to follow and take he comes near one of our star sleeper’s desk, he asks us all to take page 98 and just lands his hand on the shoulders of S who was sleeping..and S suddenly jump wakes and asks “which 98th page sir?”(entha 98aam pakkam aiyya?)..and for the next 5 mins its our rolling laughter and teacher's archanai for S

A bunch of us gets a summon from the prini bcos we all managed to get less than 20 in some sudden botany test..(we used to ignore botany but used to pass zoo + bot)and as we march in to the princi’s room A orders all of us to be quiet and not to laugh if and when he spontaneously cries if the situation warrants..inspite of the warning R prrs and inbetween his cry padams(show) he turns back throws a couple of swear words at R and turns again to princi cries aloud and pulls princi's hand and promises him that all of us will get 90+ in the next test..and after the let off we all raid A for the next hour for his promise on all our behalf..

Ofcourse the drools of various guys towards the other side of the class and the various picks, pranks and nicknames being carefully and interestingly recalled..

Recall of our PT’s wierdos..”kneel down and put ur hands upstairs”, “open the window let the climate come in” “close ur mouth at the back”, "let us prayer", "u both the three of you" and more..

We also called some of the folks who did not turn up (at midnit and later) and killed their patience..with funny ideas like posing like clients, calling in female voices posing as old long lost class mates (with choosy names to strike drool effects to max) and what not..max fun that..


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