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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Soccer? Whazzat??

Its football craze all over the globe..and still a handful countries call it soccer! Man, its Football, period.
Folks! Please use only the term football and not soccer and advise/press/insist for the right usage, always.
Just bcos the Americans in all foolishness call it soccer (and hence a few others like oz, Canada follow them) does not mean the name can change..after all they stole the most popular name for a new game of their own..and we all know how bad they are at naming! Remember “world series”?.ha..haa…
Coming to WC ,yours truly did guess swiss to come up to round 2 and here they have their luck following still with pre-quarters against Ukraine..The (mentioned)other dark horse is yet to come to light..cud be spain or Aus or Ghana..(did u know Ghana’s national anthem is vaalu meenukkum vilangu meenukkum kalyanam? Ok..thats a tamil PJ – others pl excuse;-))
England, France, Italy are a big let down..real poor game.Brazil is way below their capability and hype, Argentine was sublime but now going down in the last 2 games. Did u also find the refereeing below par too? I found it pathetic at times..
Did u see the crowds that collect at the various city squares (eg. In Seoul or Rio) we need any further proof of which is the world’s biggest event?

As has been in recent past, it has been inundating sports times..2moro wimbledon starts, so I can follow my darls Hingis..and I knew it had to happened one day, some day infact. Agassi the class act is going to retire..
In hockey India lost to Netherlands by a whisker and failed to qualify for finals but did ok to win bronze..In todays bronze game it was a terrific display. It was really fast paced and I cud not bear the suspense if India can hold the lead in the last few for cricket – less said better. But they are doing us good by saving some time and strain;-) I need to go for the next football match..


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