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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an accident and some lessons

Yesterday night as I just stepped out of my flats for a walk after dinner, I saw a crowd just outside the gate. When I went closer I saw 3 people injured badly – 2 very young guys and one old man in security uniform. Close to 20 people had surrounded them but none moved their butt usefully. Immdly I grasped the situation that there shud have been an accident and no point asking “what happened" to these Ahs..their serial influenced brain will start a lecture on how the guys were driving rash and how every bodys life is in danger and that the city has gone to dogs etc..(but I missed one imp thing here, pl make a note of that at the end)
Seeing the teens profusely bleeding I went up to the kiddos and tried asking him how he was feeling and shud I take him to a hospital..but then I saw in his bleeding face that he was infact sinking and pleading for water..he was seated on his kinetic which he drove (who TF let him sit on the bike I dunno, tempers really rose)..then I had to immly summon an auto and put this fella inside (so that he can comfortably lean and then decide what to do) fetched him some water from near by shop and meanwhile saw the other chap who was on a dark end of this circle of people and our glorious citizens had forgotten why they had indeed assembled there and pushed this guy to oblivion. Its then that I saw the old man in a security uniform lying in the other side of the road against the compound wall of the next building. Our people had carried him (helped?) and put him to the side. So there ended their duty(!!) and they were free to access, steal, bitch around..(24 hours and my anger has not subsided)
All our politicos and movies glorify the needy’s needs and need to help poor & all that and everytime I see in very simple ways' people (all us) tend to ignore coolly such poor and needy this old man (clearly looking old and poor) was left to rot in a side..just pulling him from the accident spot (prolly middle of the road) to safer side was more than enough. People seemed to have already decided on his destiny and tended to ignore him. No one coming forth to even check if he wanted any assistance or needed first aid. I generally asked the crowd if anyone wud volunteer to accompany any of these to the hospital..(hey why didn’t I think of this question before itself? That cud have helped reduce the crowd) even my apt security rejected my request and then 'order’ to take one of them to the hospital..
So I pushed one of my neighbourhood teen to take the other 2 teens to the nearest hospital and I decided to take this old man to Royapettah hospital. So put this man in an auto and rushed to Rypth hospi. On the way, saw his side strip with his company's name on his uniform and called my friends and asked them to find out the number of his security firm n inform them to rush some help for this man. This man was totally disoriented. Never answered my questions. But he wud suddenly wake up (from his semi conscious state) and murmur something incoherently and go back..It was like 20 mins and I did not know a bit to react if he had sunk or gasped for breath. No idea how to help resuscitate or what to do next..I did not even know if he shud be taken to this hospi or to the GH. why did I not choose to send him to the same nearest private hospital beats me! Prolly some one from the crowd mentioned royapettah and I just started. I also thought later that may be the priv hospitals can reject or may be he/his family mit find it very expensive or formalities for emergencies or all together. Any way I took him to the emergency and spoke to the duty doc who was luckily nice and told me to bring him in and he wud keep me posted after examination..It was now when I lifted him (from his left side) that I saw blood from his ears and a bigger injury on his rear head.. Meanwhile I inspect his pocket with the docs help (man I did not dare to check his pockets when I was alone- see how bad we react) and call the 2 Nos. that were there in a small paper luckily and inform them, asking them to come there. Now the doc after examining him, slowly comes to me and asks me to take him to the GH. I suspect the seriousness to be the reason and pressed him to give all 1st aid possible and arrange for an ambulance and with some proper assistance (and with his family member assisting only) to shift. To make it short let me not elaborate his limitations and why he wanted to shift or on my begging and other arguments.
Then I come out to settle the auto guy. He denies to take money saying “sir! Like how u helped take it as my help. What is there? Please don’t press me”..oh!! I meet a decent fella after so long on this episode..
Now I rush there to that private hospi where I had sent that neighborhood kid and lucky I went there! Some FIR fundas, one of the accident teens mom’s dramas, doc’s too many questions wud have been too much for that kiddoo to handle..
So what now? Lucky that these 3 were taken in time. I am sadly reminded of my dear friend whom I lost last year bcos no body helped him rush to an hospital in time after a police van (yes! Police van!) hit his bike and he was thrown out and injured badly.

Now to some very important lessons I learnt here and shud share with u all!

1. Please do not waste time and help rush the injured to hospitals.
2. Never decide on your own if rushing to a hospital is required or not. Let the concerned professional (doc and others in hospi) decide.
3. Preferably DON’T GIVE WATER to the injured. I was told by the doc later that just sprinkling shud be enof and let the docs decide if water can be given. In some cases if any emergency operation needs to be performed, water given by us cud be a reason to delay the operation (by 5-6 hours!!)
4.(In India)You can infact rush any one to any PRIVATE HOSPITAL TOO. They are indeed bound to admit any emergency case and work on them. So no worries about if FIR or cost, etc is a criteria.
5. Never see the other side and walk off on seeing an accident. It cud be you or your kith next time suffering from such avoidance walks.
6. Get any possible education on first aid and also pass that info to many others.
7. Instruct your kids (as they grow big) to sincerely help people. The onus is on us to slowly spread this awareness to help the injured and as a society we need to move some mountains before we become responsible.
8. Always check for any belongings (esp costly/mobiles purses/hand bags etc)of the injured and try to secure them. (yes'day I took the bike and parked inside my apts, but forgot in that tension/tempers to survey that area for other stuff.Yes there are cheapos who flick from such places too. Unfortunately mobile, purse and a bag of one kid was gone and I dunno of the other 2- esp the old man for he is yet to resume talking. my bad ain't?)


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