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Monday, June 26, 2006


Am talking of the Australlia Italy football match in WC. what a game..a gripping one and mostly dominated by the Oz..went up to the wire..
But at the last min (or few secs to go) in the extra stoppage time Italy CHEATS..yes i call it cheating..pretending to have been fouled, in the 'D'. Ok, the referee goofed it inspite of a clear view of the incident.Its cleary fooling, bending the rules and 'winning' a penalty..
The way the Italians, spanish (and till sometime ago Argentines) win freekicks and penalties by feigning fouls..may be in future each team will come up with 2 good actors..I used to hate that attitude in the god of a player like Maradona.
u really can expect players, esp italians, to do anything and that too in dying moments to wrest a win home, but this is too much..
Will the Oz feel raped or robbed?
But the oz can walk back with head held high..they played all the matches incl against Brazil very well and have made a mark..typical of Oz..
and I wish italy is wronged in their next match by another blunder by the referee.


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