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Friday, June 09, 2006

D day

Today is the D germany..the planet’s biggest show, the world cup unfurls and who will make it? Will some one stop Brazil? I wish some dark horse comes in to last 4 and ofcourse that Argentine to be one of the rest 3..and I want a new hero..enof of Ronaldos, Ronaldinos and Bekhams..may be messi or some xxxic (pronounced ---itch). As usual in Madras people need setopbox to view them. Back in CH I remember guys who used to state the thigh size of guys (last time carlos was the winner!) and reel off various stats just like that! The passion used to run high..hey guys – is the betting going steady out there??
Funny part was when ever Italy lost (like India in cric) all the Italians unanimously blamed everything like the referees to line men to grass height to altitude to neighbour’s maid..but never their players..Those of u in DE, hmm ensooyyyy..
A doubt: About the new ball to be used in this WC. It’s a ball with no stitching like the regular ones but 2 parts stuff glued together. So expect it to swing or move (or what wud they call it in soccer now?) in the air like in the goalkeepers will know the problems of a wicket keeper!


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