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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

news round up..

The Mahajan ward’s noise is the biggest..its becoming a pain with all these news channels clinging on to such non-issues like the US channels and cause such a pain in (y)our rear of an irritating “powder” and here it is with junior mahajan..he deserves all the negative impact and image killing he is undergoing for he did not even know the right quantity – of both the powder and champagne and did not own up to it too! Rightfully his chances of a rajya sabha seat and plum post in BJP went thru the drain..good for BJP..(rather Indian politix)
Shame shame: Rathore loses his gun..NO..not his mistake but the airline’s! like it happens to us all once a while, it happened to Rathore too – only difference being he cant participate in the world cup (shooting) bcos of that..shame ain’t? remember that joke – where a passenger (like u) goes up to the check in counter and says “hey, check in myself to zurich but put me in a flight to Rekjavik, that blue suit case to LA, that black bag to paris and when u really find and put me in to the zurich flight after a day put those 2 bags to NY”. The attendant “no sir! Its just not possible..blah blah..!” and he retorts “mam..thats what ur bloody airline did last time to me”;-) (something similar happened long back in my college campus- shall tell u some other time. haa I have stuff for 1 more post!)
Atlast the Indians played 2 good days of cricket and the draw was a right end, for we did not deserve to win the way we played the 1st 2 days..and to that Lara issue – its bad..but he is one guy who has the right to demand a walk off since he is one who walks off every time without waiting for the umpire irrespective of the match situation..yeah its bad that TV or 3rd ump cud not conclusively prove, but Dravid pulled off a typical dravid style (or is it typical desi style?) act..calling off the players i.e. declaring at the right time to avoid any embarrassment to all concerned..master move and typically jammie! One shud not forget WI is the most decent and gentlemanly team in world cricket (India a far second though)..btw saw this? Gayle bowls a good ball – the last of that over and Dhoni does a ‘marrillier’ to that ball and it flies above the keeper for a 4! Gayle is baffled and then gives a hi five smilingly to the non striker kaif – an appreciation for that shot..unbelievable in these days where they are trying to bring in soccer like aggression!
Else where in sports – sigh darling Hingis loses in quarters..and btw will some one warn Mahesh to maintain a distance from her while partnering her in mixed..iam J
I saw a news item by some girlie in IBN about her trip to swiss..she went all over CH with a camera even in to spruengli on Zurich’s bahnof strasse, then Luzern, Titlis and more..phew..remember the churning effect I talked of sometime back? In this case 8!
Now that the reservation issue is dying it shall be buried soon, but we can see some fwd jokes on this issue and..sample here:
Manmohan tells Bush we are sending Indians to the moon next year. Bush says “vow! How many?” to which MS says “ 100!! 25 OBC, 20sc, 25 st, 5 handicap,5 sports , 5 terrorists, 5 kashmiri immigrants, 9 politicians and if needed 1 astronaut”


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