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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bombay blasts

So another set of blasts in Bombay..
And did u see that the Sec media had slightest doubts on shiv sena or on who the offenders cud be! Surprising isn’t? taking in to account that these sainiks went on a rampage the prev day..reason? do they need one, oh some desecration of statue – whose? Thack senior’s wifes!! Ok lets junk that part – desecration, degeneration and all that..
The point is none really thought these silly sainiks who wud take to the roads for flimsy reasons wud have committed such atrocious crime of killing innocents.
Ok, sometimes I do tend to agree with thack’s views on paks, terrorists and esp on the cricket diplomacy of the 2 nations..(u play kabadi, kho kho but not cricket and suddenly play in to the wily dictators hands and play cric..)So an easy open and shut case on who cud commit this..

It’s a shame that these fellas (lakshar, simi and any of that kind) can blast anywhere..and can have a a whole we 1 billion+ are soft targets bcos of successive stupid back boneless governments..
I seriously see only one possibility! Just say No voting rights for one se(c)t for next few years..and then the goverments will act with some sense..bcos they will not be counting votes and the deaths simultaneously then! I know u will come out with references to kalam, premzi etc - hey, tell me one sane voice that condemns unambiguously and clearly and strongly with out mincing words.
Also some serious monitoring and strict liquidation on the indo pak border (esp Kashmir) and more of the same on the eastern border (bangla) and hopefully we can sit easy..
Or sit and pray like I said sometime back – pray that mushy fella throws some n-bombs on us and pray our govts atleast react then-with some spine ofcourse..
Till then lets live with such blasts, death counts, 24x7 coverage of that and ‘strong condemnation’ messages by all and sundry politrixians. hey, even mushy wud have condemned it by now, so happy we can be..


  • At August 03, 2006 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    another shameful act by t'rists and our govts donot even move strongly in desired direction.


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