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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Women in Indian army!

There has been some unwanted noise about ladies in Indian military..esp after one lady Lt.col (or some like)committed suicide and when some top military boss apparently spoke ill of women in mil. Hey, may be he was misquoted by the press (as always) or may be he said what he felt without any wax need for so much noise..may be he practically meant that..with some insight on ladies in our army..
Meanwhile I saw a news item in this regard and them being trained! It was so nice to know of the ladies in the Indian army!
They are treated on par in almost all areas..they infact carry the same 24kgs load on their body(yes! 24 – no typo this) as the men in the 24KM marches and the time allotted for the 14 or 24Km march is the same for both sex.
Time for sprints etc are some physiological differences are factored in otherwise they are on same scale mostly..
Only that they are not included in combat but are trained in arms and other combat actvities. Hence even when they carry out other tasks in combat zones they can scale up if required..and discretion is unheard of in our army..any harassment towards the females is almost Iam proud of it..
Another point here is – the only training for women cadets is only in what u ask? hee..hee..nothing..i did not say anything more here;-)


  • At July 04, 2006 11:18 PM, Blogger Natraj said…

    Not sure where you got your info on the training curriculum for women cadets. A day or two after the suicide, a retired lady officer had written (in rediff if I am right) that the standards are low for women.. in terms of duration, endurance... Shall locate the link and mail you.

    On the comments of the high ranked army officer - I agree with him fully (I am not a MCP).

    The army, especially frontliners are trained to behave as though there is no other world or thought process - only to defend the ountry and to kill the opponents. Exposign them to the sweet little things would certainly skew their priorities.

    Further, given the fighting spirit that is injected into them, they are bound to get affected if some one gets a shortcut route to the same rank, because of their sex classification.

    I would agree with the comments of the high rank official and am certain many of us would too, though discreetly


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