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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hampi - out of the world..

so as informed went to Hampi with domestic folks..
Man! what a place..
hardly commercialised, infact more goras come as tourists..the best place to stay is a KSTDC no big bang 5 stars or noisy resorts..simple rustic places to stay..the hotel did not serve regular southies for breakfast..only poori and bread sandwich and other bread accessories..on asked i was told they hardly have demand for idly, dosa family! what with only goras as tourists..
I felt this place beats Rome for ruins..just that hep marketing is missing..classic old temples, genius architecture, lovely rocky hills, attractive temples(rather ruins - phuck the mogols,grt grt)endless beauty - typical village classic..
u can spend any number of days without being bored. so much to do in such a small place!
There is this vithala temple which has many pillars (columns) with each pillar with various works on single stones..the amazing thing is each pillar has some captivating, one will produce sound of mridanga -the guide plays on the stone on one side and u just place ur ears on the stone columns on any other side and u hear that sound crystal clear. None of these structures are hollow. (yes u see proof of that, some AH has cut off a stone structure to verify that!) In other pillars u hear jalatharang or pure sa,ni,da,pa,ma,ga reeee or some other string or percussion word!! there are 56 such musical pillars.
Then u have the underground temples, monolithic (huge ganeshas, bull, narasimha statues and what not), neat palaces with great sewage and water ways planned so effeciently - some centuries back. come to think of places in madras outskirts without sewage even today!
then there is this hall from where krishna devaraya used to see the dance of 2 of his wives (ok..ok..some nth wives, so what). This hall has water pumped up (NO! no motors, but genius brains at work) and flows around in columns/ ducts and so maintains cool - so who inspired AC, do we know??
Then we found a very interesting temple structure on top of a rocky mountain, Mathunga parvatha..and we trekked to the top. The whole way up was very interesting and the view it offers is worth for days to come..some similarity to Egypt esp in the view it offers, history and the color of soil and rocks!
Iam happy i did not miss that trekk and view..
on the whole a great trip..Dont miss a chance to visit hampi folks..history, ruins, genius all at display and add to that humble and friendly locals everywhere there.
Then the modern structure - Thungabadra dam and the mass of water is so imposing and an added attraction.
so while I munch these memoirs for sometime, all my comments on current affairs goes for a six..(yes, the cong chooths' comments on mumbai blasts, pak views and comments on that, the BIG story of ndtv,ibn etc of that 6 year old in a 50 feet borewell(yuck), blore blues - all can wait..)


  • At July 24, 2006 5:37 AM, Blogger Jai said…

    pretty Interesting!
    wud be grt if u cud upload some pictures!!
    There r so manny interesting places in India...
    (but poor marketing lets us down)


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