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Thursday, December 04, 2008

My first Fasting!

Yeah Fasting! I fasted and that too for 36+ hours! The last I ate was 2nd Dec dinner and broke the fast at 10am on 4th Dec. Ofcourse there were two nights in between, discounting them too it’s a personal feat. Considering the fact that normally I cannot think of fasting in between meals.

Why fast at all?
Fasting for me was associated with Gandhi and freedom struggle days. Later on a different variety of fast was thrown on us by the politicians. (that they pulled a ‘fast’ one is well known). So I hardly used to react to fasts. Even when my devout muslim friends used to fast during Ramadhan, I used to wonder how they could do that at all and I used to feel odd to munch some choc or even talk of food in their presence. Recently when I was sharing some short eats during our restore bazaar, a couple of my friends casually told they were fasting on behalf of the Bhopal victims and believe me that was jolt!
Finally during our visit to Navadarshanam, I had more insight in to this. A few of the residents of ND never eat dinner. Many of them casually suggest ‘fasting’ as a remedy for any problem. I did see it, as one of the unwell residents went of fast one full day to be up and running the next day. I was told - Fasts help our body to digest and expel unwanted stuff like toxins and other fats hitherto not digested completely but have been residing undesiredly. It also helps clean our system.
So it has been on my mind in the recent past and also the fact that my grand father always used to say ‘ laganam parama aushadham’ (fasting is the best medicine- but we used to pooh pooh & laugh it out then, but now is time to recall and listen isn’t?)
But my doubts that I can hardly do without food (or most importantly snacks)for a few hours was haunting me. So I just decided to try and Try I did, successfully.
I just suddenly decided I shall fast, even prompting W to admonish such unannounced stunts. (hmm..I struggled so much to make a zucchini salad and some org veggie rice and here u pull a fast, hmm…bla, bla)
After the first 2 hours it was casual. All it needs is just a mind to try. Its not that I had to be on bed or stranded in my room. I went to drop and pickup my nephew from school and carried out all normal chores at home. I didn’t venture out though.
I felt absolutely light and fine the next day. Only after dropping my nephew at school, I had my brunch – to break the fast.
Its so nice a feeling, I right away recommend and also hope to repeat regularly myself!
Now go fast, fast!

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