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Friday, December 05, 2008

Why should England come?

Why should England cricket team come to play the reminder of the series?
When we donot know our own fate and how & where will the next blast happen, what guarantee can we give these Poms?
Hey, is it not an enormous responsibility?
We are not capable of coordinating our own intelligence nor capable of sealing our borders nor capable of putting pressure on paks and controlling the terror attacks. We just do not have clue to arrest such events from happening nor do we have the guts to fly across and bump off all those terrorists camps (er universities?).
If we do not know how to trace them or to stop/reduce such events why is a cricket teams visit so important in these days?
If I were any of those cricketers I wudnt be travelling. Whats more important than living, eh?
Why should ECB coolly keep these blokes' lives on the line? at what cost, I beg!
ok, The 1st match if pakistan & rain wishes shall be at Chennai! Will I go to see the match?
NOOOOOOOO..not bcos of the cheap facilities provided at the grounds by our rich board, as discussed before, but bcos I do not know if there shall be a blast at chepauk. nor does my govt know.
So why risk? But thats the sane me, not dictated by BCCI's money!
poor English players:-( let allah save them.
lets wish them all luck, but not sympathise if anything untoward happens later.
they took the risk, right? with the currencies dangling in front of their eyes!



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