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Monday, February 27, 2006

Churning effect!

Have u felt that feeling of churning inside your stomach mostly caused due to nostalgia..
Last sunday when I decided to walk down the memory lanes - literally that is, along the lanes I used to spend my time during my college days..
I first went to the house I stayed in the late 80s, last couple of years of my college life,on RH road..thats now a hotel! (churn count-2)
Then walked along that (in)famous road to the tea shop (mahesh tea shop?) where we used to consume more tea than what we used to consume from our books:-) infact in this tea shop of our many midnights, we used to have a running account.(hey..i swear we settled them all)..hmm..good old days..any time “t” time..(CC - 3)
Just opposite that tea shop next to the 'these day's standard chartered bank' used to be my friend's snacks i used to discuss passionately about politix, movies and books, i used to open the variety of huge bottles filled with various chips and south Indian snackoos, which added so much spice to the topics, literally! (CC - 5)..met that owner friend too, who incidentally has reduced his 'across the counter sales' to supply to caterers..
Then went to the house next to AVM studio - my famous night study adda..where we chased a small petty thief one midnight and made a big hungama about it to our neighbour - IG of police then! so were thrilled to see the beat police come every night and 'show us' off their presence just to let that news spill to the IG..ha..haa..we made the police work in nights bcos of our brush with a petty thief (nalla venum..he..hee..) btw CC-2
Then went to RH road again, but the great YMIA hostel where most of my college mates from the neighbouring states used to stay..(ok, no confessions here off why they preferred this to the college hostel..if u infer they were chucked out of the hostel, its ur choice..iam not going to spill the beans here..thats for another day) That run down haunted building is still there housing such colorful students like my 'old' friends but there is a hep building just in front of that now - ymia commercial complex! how many days of laughter, pulling each others legs to hearts content, staying after night shows, combined efforts to night study... (CC- 5)
Then I go across the thiruvalluvar statue to that dungeon of middle class houses where I spent some time during the first working days..those run down roads, dilapidated temples - all in same conditions, even that old corner house in the same shape..(CC-5)
Touché: as I walk there in that street, I think of one of my class girls who we were told had settled (after marriage?) there in that street, but I never got to meet her then in the early 90s. Now to some interesting facts: This girl (need i say beautiful - the very reason for a recount more than explains it ain't?) was in my class from kg till 5th and crossed over to a girls school. In that period of kg to 5th too, she was the brightest and pleasant faces. We did follow her growth once a while though she was blocks away and in a different school. We were indeed pleased the way she was shaping up. I mean academically! Then we all spread away from our small town to various cities and towns for furthering our studies and in effect our careers. In between wondering once in a while what she would be doing! and to think of she being in the same area after a decade, though allegedly married - no rumour is to be fully believed u know, we learnt that the hard way in many other cases. But no luck..we never bumped on her. Hey..was that long enough already? so enough of flash cut it back to present.
As I walk the memory lane here, I bump on her near that madhs temple..what a pleasant surprise..after all our rumors then were right..she had indeed married and happily settled in that same street from talk of CC,it did happen..but sorry lost the count;-)


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