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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


In an interview here,
greg Chappell has these to say..

“…But we clashed because his needs as a struggling player and captain and those of the team were different..”

“…I genuinely feel that, while I am being paid by the BCCI , I am working for the people of India…”

"There was a very poignant photograph in the paper one day recently just before we played in Lahore. A lot of Indian supporters wanted to come to the match. Now they can cross the border but you have to drive there, then leave the car and walk across and get a car or bus the other side. It is a huge effort for many to support the team.
"The picture was of a woman, elderly, scrambling through the border. It is for people such as her that we are playing the game and the players and I realise that. We pinned the picture on the dressing room wall to remind us. We drew a lot of inspiration from that."

Iam impressed! Precisely this professionalism and accountability is what only people like him can bring in to Indian cricket than probably some joker coaches like mohinder could have brought in..
hats off and thanks greg..keep marching..


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