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Thursday, March 02, 2006

(when) will we stand up?

This Bush fella has hazaar reasons for anyone to antagonize him..but what I find amusing and irritating at the same time is that people out here are giving it that vote bank color! even to show our anger at him.. just about every other act of his, needs to be admonished and here we are organizing protests for all the wrong reasons..please do not infer I am against any normal ties with US. No! lets have normal relations, use them like how they use us and lets prosper, even if its at their cost! but..
Why shud we bother about Iran and their mutual theatrics..or his justice war in Iraq..or his oil conflicts of interest…
Lets just focus on our nuclear pressures..who are these AHs to dictate what our policies shud be and who are these jokers to decide which of our set up are civilian and which military! And unbelievably why shud they break their head on who controls them..

What are our policy makers and diplomats doing?
Can’t they stand up and tell them to mind their business?
Can’t they tell them to watch pak, mush, AQ & other chors, bin laden and other freaks?
Can’t some one remind them that Iran has signed NPT and not us!
Can’t they just point out that we have been the most well-mannered of all the nuke powers?
Can’t they stand up and tell them that we are the most civilized of these nuke nations and we need not be sermoned by the only nation that ever threw a nuke bomb and that too out of (silly)anger.
Can’t they fricking tell him that India and pak are not equal in any way. They need to be addressed as 2 separate nations!
And finally let him not open his septic tank called mouth backed with his clay pot brains about Kashmir..will our diplomats diplomatically shut that up?
Will we ever stand up…and deliver?


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