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Friday, February 24, 2006


I wonder how many of us remember this virtue!
Its like this. I took an appointment with a doc for my father. I was promptly give 9pm! I protested saying he is an old man and sleeps early (ok after that shoopid serial, still) and gets too tired these days..and after all this visit is more a gen check up more to get a ‘clearance certificate’ for a dental activity. No other time in the near future said the doc’s assistant. We promptly went there just before 9pm..some 10kms from our house..but when I approached the assistant, he said “only 6.30 case is going will take another couple of hours”..and I thought 9pm was late!

While I accept that docs have a variety of reasons, mostly very serious n genuine, to come late or to attend to people..but such 3- 4 hours is taking people for granted. My pop says its normal and that’s why he wud take a moring appointment with him, so he can be back home by evening.
This set me thinking. Can’t this doc plan his patients with more clarity. Give some 30 mins for each patient and allocate appointment accordingly and if u save time, meet those who come without app.hmm..

But they are not the only offenders..I see this callous attitude for time at many places.

While I was in my friend’s office he was just mentioning me he was going to visit a friend in Vepperi. (6kms) and just then he received a call from his wify and he coolly says “ya..ya we are going for sure dear..I shall come home to pick you up..I shall be there in half just going to vepperi and be home soon”! to vepperi and back will consume, even if I assume he spends only 5 mins with his friend will take him 45 mins and from here to his house another 15 a cool mention of wrong time..

I was just walking next to my house, near alwarpet signal..and here I over hear a bike guy promising on his cell- “ in 5 mins I shall be there..Iam just near the fly over, at the signal..shud be there any moment..” I was impressed! But only for a few seconds before he said “the Gemini flyover” where as he was at alwarpet 5 mins is impossible!

I should confess here that in my younger days I used to consider punctuality a virtue of joblessness. But with time (I mean age) I am recognizing what a virtue it is. It’s a sham to take some body else’s time for granted and ruin it.

So ladies and gmen! (ahemm..all u 1000s of readers of this blog;-))
When u teach your kids (or others' as in the case of some ‘teachers’ who visit here) about honesty, hygiene, cleanliness, traffic sense etc please add this virtue too as a very important one. Please…


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