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Monday, May 22, 2006


on the reservation issue dug up by the atrocious arjun singh much has been said..we all know its the creamy section of these obcs, sc, sts etc that benefit and not the really deserving. so it is only all the big laloos, paswans and others who eat this and they also get the vote banks associated with this noise. what a shame the deserving ones of the reservation do not even get to know of the politics behind and are they are just pawns being used.
This link here (thanks natraj for the link) is a good view of all those I saw on the reservation noises..

Meanwhile I saw lotsa doctors striking on this issue (tho I did not get why only docs all over are striking!). I saw a clipping on NDTV and IBN they were battered like hell. oh! these police bastards were on a nasty rage. Why I beg? after all some docs are protesting for something they think affects them. Its their view, u have another, so what? does that mean just bcos u being on the ruling party lets u let the police loose on students? they are not some gangsters or the regular rioters or anti social elements..
and so u thought the rang de basanti scenes were so dramatic and unrealistic? were u also one like me questioning that scene where the police were battering guys in full media glare.and here these fellas prove us wrong. oh man, really felt so bad..students were being hit like mad and there the rotten vegetable called arjun singh is counting his to-come-votes.

what a shame and not much sound on this. If someone has the pics of those nasty cops and are willing to take action (or at least hit them anon) - hey,count me..iam game.. and btw what happene to all those human rights and lefts..oh i get it..these docs are no vote banks!

note: I just came back today from thai and almost spent the whole day updates later, meanwhile I had typed and thought had uploaded a post before leaving -on reservation etc..but somehow it goy always u cant be here it is..
note2: I shall update some fotos of the police actions 2moro (yeah, got to go and sleep again)


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