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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

more blore and thai..

As I mentioned in my prev post, it was hot y'day. As I was stating it to my friends here, a couple of them mentioned that it was indeed too hot and so will rain the night. How true! It did blast in the evening and blore is back to its really one up over madras weather wise..

meanwhile we were discussing weather (yeah, jobless ad all that) and I said thailand shud be similar to blore and guys vehemently disapproved that and so we guys are setting off to thailand (bangkok and pataya)2moro to check if the weather is the same!!

ok..ok.I made that up..but seriously am dear friends, the same Blore telecom dealers with whom I went to yercaud, are going to thailand for 4 days. I cling on to the extra ticket that they had! Nice to have such good friends! But they say only travel, lodging and breakfast are taken care of and I need to buy my own dinner:-(
any of u know of some one who can give me free dinner there at bangkok or rush with ur info:-)


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