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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh la laa.. has been great weather here @ Blore..reminding me of those good old days when Blore used to be a solid 10 degrees less than Chennai..last 2 days has been on the lower side of 20s..its typical of the pensioners paradise that Blore was for long..and I lived up to the last 3 days I hardly got out of my bed. Only the dire necessities like food and export of the same disturbed me..else I was on the bed reading or lying on the sofa and watching TV.. still am tired of that too and so I leave to madras tonit!

Such lazing time gave me time to read fiction after long..I finished Da vinci code..I was impressed (hey, why did not u ppl who read that b4 press me to read that??)..I found that style of mixing myth with fiction and the blending with some facts (forgotten or intriguing ones!) too good an idea! More interesting to me was his attempt to a prequel – Angels n demons (we have had so many sequels, this was another gr8 idea) and he intelligently sows that in to this book (where Langdon thinks of vetra, Florence and some other occasions – really sooper attempt). Iam really impressed with his intelligence..

On cricket: Its time we magnanimously bettered WI cricket and that’s what we did. Helping Lara and WI and reviving cricket, otherwise nothing to talk of the way our guys played this ODI series! Else where KP fella is blooming dangerously and the brits are already equating him to Lara and Tendul..ha..haa.. a good recipe for his down fall:-)

Football: Am eagerly waiting for the WC @ germany..I wud have loved to be there in person, but….Still watching soccer of football is fun, as I have been doing for all the WCs since mexico,86! Though every one tips Brazil, I always like to cheer a lesser known team to just increase the interest and thrill..for a change try cheering Argentina (infact I rate them better than Brazil this time, they have already won over Brazil 3 times in the recent past) or England or Holland and follow them, that cud give u a diff experience!! I shall root for Argentina as always..(do u remember that Ortega guy in the last WC? IMHO he was the best play maker of the last WC) and don’t forget to cheer Swiss too this time..they are a dark horse to move to 2nd round, watch out..


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