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Thursday, May 25, 2006

thai la..ladies la..

so to a lighter sub from the reservations..
thai trip was fine (any free lunch is welcome;-))
i was surprised at the sexy roads, excellent hiways and it really looked like a country doing well..but had a doubt to which i shall come later. Pattaya was a small nice town with people everywhere and nothing but ladies and associated my friend rana had mentioned in is blogs there are massages and massages and i add ladies and ladiessss..every bypasser and bystander approaches u asking if u need ladies and if u r a bit hesitant they immly switch to boys??
oops ihave heard/seen countries thriving on nothing but few of us were standing outside our hotel planning to go to the swimming pool and waiting for the rest to join..a young female goes past, well dressed, zipping on a bike..some eyes obviously followed her and immly she takes an U turn and comes by and asks "ladies??" on my vehement disapproval she kids me "ur wives inside?? he hee.." no voyeurs too..u r solicited immly..if soliciting were illegal there the whole country had to be a make shift prison..that gave me the doubt what else do they do to have such a good GDP and to have a developed feeling..i just did not manage to see any one else in any other profession other than soliciting..(ok except the few airport employees..a slight doubt there - was this their part time?)
otherwise they have well maintained touristic spots..neat lanes, nice pedestrians and hell of thru night awake streets like the walkers street...well organised para gliding (right on the sea) and under sea water walking..hey..i took these 2 and it was a great experience..
Bangkok too had its share of shows, massages, soliciting and again shows, massa....No..I did not take massages for i was sure that culminates in to something else for the shows - no.i shall not pen it here..hey my uncle reads this blog and may be he translates it to my aunt and mom (who the hell gave him the url, pl stand up)
then there is the shopping..oops so much to little to many malls..
can i end this without mentioning their accent..(that is if they speak english. The guy from our tour operator who came had 0 eng vocab..we had to mime and dance our way thru from the airport on)..if u call a taxi and ask Y ARCHI u reach the hotel where we stayed..if u pronounce it as white orchid - good luck to R, no t, no half the alphabets..and their sing song pattern (no comes as nnnnnnniiiiiiiioooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww) adds to our agony..but very nice smiling lots..on the whole fun on that front too..

note: topically- absolutely no 'reservations';-)


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