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Thursday, July 27, 2006

one more.. more death of a BPO employee and so much to cry for..
Its very sad that this girl Tanya had to depart like this, that too apparently at the hands of a colleague/friend/??
Even more depressing is the state of her father for whom this is the 3rd successive loss in as many years..
What a creature that guy is - to stab a friend till prev day and that too 20 times and desert her on the highway..To think that such characters exist among us who while riding a bike or car normally duck dangerously to save a frog or a lizard..thoo..
The danger of this being linked to BPO industry and talk of 'fall out' is going to be too tempting for our starving media and 24x7 channels..But we need to note that this is not a wayside crime nor was it in Blore nor does it raise questions on BPO transport like in Prathiba's case..But it is equally saddening and shameful. with crime rates increasing in Blore this does cast a shadow on many minds. So finally comes to reflection of governance and policing (or the lack of them), which anyway was a bane of Blore for long.

In another e-crime in Blore - a college chottu shoots off an SMS to some of his friends about a "bomb in Forum' a famous shopping mall - for fun, apparently! And in few minutes some 5000 or more receive it as all our fwd giants are in to action. the mall is closed for shopping for hours and then they track down this chottu who originated this hoax sms..and there he is caught after hours of ordeal, lakhs of losses and he states amidst weeping that he just sent it for 'joke'! we are in different times, no jokes please - not such ones. Just think of the police who have to go through so many hoax calls each day and have to react for they cannot neglect any of these. Its really very pathetic with many schools being tipped off for such hoax calls..what a people we have become? che..


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