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Monday, December 08, 2008

4 state election results – glimmer of hope

Its nice to see that there was some maturity in our voters.
Importantly we see that the performing govts have won. Even unsung and not so media followed guys like Raman Singh(Chattisgarh) & Chauhan (MP) have won – more bcos they are silent performers and not the noisy variety. I have heard that Raman Singh has even been blatantly against the Naxals (A rarity in our politicos esp if that shall bring u votes) and still won. Good for us.
Sheila Dixit shud be a wonder, am sure. To perform a hatrick in India (esp when the ‘High command’ is breathing over your neck consistently) is an amazing feat. I personally feel this is one of its kind – the only other by Jyoti basu for me has more other reasons than development or real peoples’ votes. Hats off to Sheila, to actually trounce a strong contender in BJP. I think her no-nonsense style and clean development based campaign helped her. Atleast so I like to think, so that we can glorify our voters to have reached some level of maturity.
I know, Vasundhara Raje of Rajasthan has not done very bad nor is she involved in any corruption or other scandal..but typical of most women politicians of India, I think she grew beyond her shoes and was not very popular within her own ranks. Was it bcos she wasn’t tolerant to bootlicking or corruption, I dunno. But its ok to lose out and wait n learn. She is often tipped to be arrogant (not in the same scales as Jaya or Maya) and here they claim her own party dug deeper holes that the opponents. I wud be glad if another low profile guy like Gehlot is given the reins. I have heard he is a decent fella inspite of being cong!
I cant understand one thing- Why doesn’t Cong declare who shall be their leader. Here at Rajasthan, now the bickering will start and some drama will unfold. Totally unnecessary. A wrong style in my op! It never helps. In Delhi people assumed it shall be Sheila and in Rajasthan too may be people assumed it shall be Gehlot.
But did u notice one (good) thing? Uma Bharti- the fire brand is nowhere. Even Maya’s BSP won seats but not Uma’s party. That for me was a surprise. She was everything at MP for BJP and suddenly she is out of the party (her own making) and she’s nowhere! Are parties so important or leaders not so really big?
In all, some good sensible results. Iam happy at such maturity- even if incidental.



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