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Monday, December 08, 2008

Dosa camp @ Vishranti

A bunch of us volunteers from restore went to Vishranti old age home in the outskirts of Madras and had a great time.
Regulars here would have seen mention of Vishranti- an old age home with more than 150 destitute old women. This is run by the ever enterprising and the old service hand- Mrs. Savitri vaithyVishranti is one of the oldest NGOs of Madras. The old paatis of Vishranti help restore in sorting, winnowing, cleaning and packing of grains for our restore markets.
We at restore thought we should do something different, funfilled activity and so went with all organic ingredients for dosas, masala and chutney and took turns in making 600 dosas approx this sunday. It was fun all the way and a great change for all those women there. What with making fun of each other's dosa shape, time taken, imbibed tricks, failures in copying their chef and what not..
It was so heartening that none of us felt anything close to tiredness at the end of this 4 hour exercise.



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