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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

‘appy pongal!

Pongal nalvazhthukkal!!
This is a great festival folks! Unique too.
If u notice, few thousand years back, all civilizations would regard sun as a prime god and so obviously had some festival of reverence and thanks giving to the prime giver!
Pongal is not only a harvest festival and thanksgiving to Sun but also has another day for the Cows(& Ox). That’s unique – maattu pongal. Very unique to this civilization.
What a way to identify one another giver like the sun and praying 2 of the greatest enablers of mankind!
In rural TN, even today they decorate the cows, paint their horns, and pray!
So guys even if you don’t do all these ‘pagan’ thingys, do stand by and observe them. Respect these prayers to the sun, cow, harvest and nature!
They really did value and venerate nature for they took cognizance of it. The very essence of understaning and respecting nature was there thousands of years back, hmmm.

Happy pongal folks!

Note: This is NOT Tamil new years day but! Just bcos some politico joker thought so. Some amasser of wealth and shallow thinker, foists this new theory of tamil new year from now! Its better ignoring and dispelling. Such jokers would just throw some cheap tricks and announce such laughable statements but would practise the English calendar for all his convenience. That Calendar is from time immemorial and so worth the culture preserved till now. So do not wish me our new year yet:-)



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