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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The season!

Madras Music Season is so special IMHO. In my expatriate days too I used to try and travel back home during dec/jan for 3 reasons: music season, jan 14th Thuglak readers address by CHO and the weather will be the best in Madras then.
Now, I find the season becoming bigger & popular each year, which is a good thing. In the last 3 years I have seen a remarkable increase in the no of events, performers and rasikas. I did mention here how it was like going to a theatre for some of the popular artists’ concerts. This year too, last Sunday, W & me were left stranded for tickets to Aruna sairam’s concert at Narada Gana Sabha. I was only happy bcos am impressed with this surge in interest -how ever much it cud be a fad and ‘been there done that’ feel, it’s a good thing to have.
Its another matter that I caught up with aruna sairam’s performance in the next days. If u were to attend only 2 concerts this season, I would recommend Aruna & O.S.Arun. Although I wud venture to see how the newbies like sikkil Gurucharan and Charulatha mani perform.
And to name the best canteens – I didn’t venture out much to canteens (2 fasting days came up) and so an update from me at the end of next week shud be good. Till now music academy and Nungambakkam culturals (Kannada sabha) are at the top.

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