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Thursday, January 08, 2009


asatyam means false or opposite of truth in most vernacular languages. Thats what it was.
But I cant understand all this brouhaha esp by our media, asusual!

Hey, he fudged some accounts, he tried to merge or transfer funds to save his clan's firm, he even lied to u, me and the authorities.
firstly I dont have any qualms about him trying to (mis)appropriate funds. It was after all his own firm- what ever u say about his stake being low or its public money, bla bla..what public money? what was that % and why shud he respect that? what of public was ever respected or rated high in this country anyways?
Secondly which companies in India do not lie, misappropriate, under invoice, make unethical moves. or who doesnt play with share market and its lowly investors?

Now, hold on! dont construe Iam supporting all this subterfuge but why all this noise about Satyam, I beg! Anything unethical and fraudulent needs to be punished. But I have some questions: Its a company which has handled many projects and which was the blue eyed boy of many of u(s) - banks, politicos, traders, investors & public! why suddenly everybody leaves him in a lurch? Did any of us question how & why he showed huge profits/projects quarter after quarter? Did any of us suspect when he traded & brokered "peace" with politicos? Did any of us bat an eyelid when ever he made news or even when he (or his clan) won a big infrastructure contract? and all those who are condemning anything associated with satyam now bother to check anything when the stock value soared.
So we all got it right, now! We deserve such idiots bcos we are such idiots.
and now don't condemn that company, it employees & all those executed projects - they were real! only the collective greed was misplaced and too much. This thud was required for all involved. Its only the founder/chairman who is at fault, not the company. spare it.

remember Anderson guys? how many of u associate Accenture to that now? so it shall all be short lived- our this week's feed of scrolling breaking news & scam quota. Lets wait for the next scam to take over.

Note: some shrill noises about the need to have govt interference and new laws of regulation made me ROFL! hey, whats up with all the existing laws, regulations etc? If these shall be side stepped any new one shall be too.

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