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Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh Krishna! sorry..

I really do not even know if I shud blog this..since this is more a personal memoirs and sort of my diary, I should mention this very heavy n sad loss.
My dear friend Krishna who lives in swiss has lost his dear 5 year old daughter to some nasty new virus. I still cant gather how some new virus and a high fever can take the life of a 5 year old in such a developed nation!
I know the swiss medical system too well, still..I know that in their ‘elimination process’ and the ‘slow to react style’ of operation we have witnessed many a goofs. But this is too much to digest.
I know am reacting with too less info on hand..W told me in the midst of her tearful gasps that she had a bad news and I was not ready yet when she mumbled something like “ krishnas went to Valais and….they lost their daughter” mind immediately imagines some accident etc even b4 she finishes the sentence and later to know that some virus attack, high fever led to this is unfathomable.
My dear Krishnas- I know how tuff it is and how difficult it is to come out from such grief. I just wish you get the strength to over come this irreparable loss.
The ever ready ‘volunteer’ that Krishna is and ‘always there’ couple that they are and the ever smiling folks that they are- its going to take some time for me to gather some strength & talk to u guys.
Update: I was afterall right..what avail anyways? Those swiss docs reacted in their typical way and apparently screwed it up. Pneumonia not detected! prolly a piece of cake in this part. Its a shame, esp when one's ineffeciency can be fatal to other and even worse is when the victim is a 5 year old! Add to that holidays- vagaries of the rich west:-(

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  • At January 06, 2009 11:55 AM, Anonymous Abhay said…

    Hi Ananthoo,

    I read your post about Krishna. Kriday is still in hospital but recovering. Will call you during weekend. Is sat fine?


  • At January 08, 2009 9:39 AM, Blogger Radhika said…

    Dear Ananthoo
    That was an unbelievable and heart-rending news. Can't even imagine being in their shoes.


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