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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy busy..

Oops..days fly past so fast that am losing track of the people I met, projects visited, things that interested me etc..
Some of them that wud have, in normal times, been single long posts! but shall only have a quick mention here..
The outstanding and one who would be linked here many more times to come am sure, will be Murali Eswar! Check here for his blogs and here for their firm! thats an eco firm of interest and not only have green projects but also is an ‘Edison labs’ like venture capitalist although only for green ideas!
A very different and ecofriendly person with lotsa interesting green projects, he is one of the very interesting persons I met in the recent past.
Then ofcourse, neelam manjunath- of centre for green building! See here!
Even saw their upcoming green space called the Aditi green space in the far off byatrayanpura after hebbal. Though this is more a hep version of green structures, the extensive use of bamboo and many natural products incl mud blocks (so less of concrete used) all were impressive. This may not be the enviro friendly thirst quencher, but some small steps, sure. If I sound a bit nippy here its bcos of the abundant usage of chemicals in the bamboo curing/ processing and the amount of chemicals & paints involved around these green structures:-(
But some positive steps towards sustainability and popularizing the ecofriendly green architecture.
Finally, many of u know that I have been chasing the official world of babus reg the rejuvenation of a huge lake in our neighbourhood.. that wild goose hunt is still on! The top bureaucrat who sort of condescendingly pushed our paper a bit favourably down the ladder is gonna retire. The ones below, who know that, are deflecting it with such nuance one wud be tempted to compare their strokes to the little master! But the 'vetal' that iam, am really running helter skelter and pursuing it. Meaning I haven’t yet lost hopes..hmm hopes, else, where wud I be?

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