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Sunday, January 18, 2009

CHO’s Thuglak annual address '09

So yet another year and this journalist super star freaked out.
Only one of its kind (in the world, I guess) interaction by a mag/editor with its readers. Readers ask various questions (many very embarrassing & poignant) and CHO wud answer them with his typical quick wit, presence of mind and humour.
In the process he wud rip the politicians, parties and their shameless designs.
So what, some may ask and whats the use one may be tempted to pose..its such fun and really heart warming to see someone air honest and sharp opinions without fear. Who else can talk of the MK family, their designs n deeds, Sonia’s fallacies, JJ’s comic moves, DK veeramani’s hypocrisies, ltte’s downsides etc in open?
Yet another year, yet another fantastic speech by CHO! I was happy to be there (infact I used to plan my hols too around this during the CH days)
Some of the golden quotes:
- Sonia doesn’t get along well with any women! Be it JJ or maya or mamta or even sheela dixit from her own party! But she does go pally with one woman! Nalini- the one who helped the killers of her husband!
- TN congress is so battered that even I don’t prefer punching them. They will mouth “ we want to participate in TN govt” next day “we will ask sonia” next day “ we will obey Sonia” (incidentally the words for as & obey in tamil is same- soniavai ketpom, sonia solvathai ketpom)
- Man of the year is Azhagiri- what a man! 30% voting in the last 1 hour at thirumangalam and iam generally afraid of ‘adi thadi’ rather I wud play safe and recommend him for this award.
- When a section objected to the bright lights of the videographer, cho in his inimitable style commented ‘ these guys are all used to black outs & current cuts; why do u keep the lights on?’ and then to the crowd- 'is he the arcot veerasamy-electricity minister? Why do u expect him to cut off lights randomly?'
- How easily MK spiked all these cine stars to protest against hokenekal issue and where is it now? Where are all those who delivered ‘emotional’ speeches? If they were to see the recording now, it shall beat any slapstick comedy.
- MK has offered to sacrifice his life so many times! What a man- with so many lifes! The latest is for ltte issue! Biggest joke is their fasts till now but recently its human chain! U can see everyone of the dmk cadres will be holding each other’s hand intact..then a pause ..else the hands wud go in to the other’s pocket and so..

If I had to ask him, I would Have posed these questions to him:
1/ Are you not proud that some 1000s of billions have been stashed by Indians in the swiss banks! (yet another 1st for the Indians in the recent days)
2/ IMHO there are 2 irreplaceable characters in tamil world- CHO & Sujatha. What does cho think of sujatha? Has he interacted with him?
3/ Why don’t you cover more about some environmental issues in thuglak, esp on Genetically Modified foods and such like.
4/ Why is it that u always pull down Abdul kalam’s effort (in the pretext of jokes). He is not even offered the longer rope that is often extended to JJ!

In all it was a great experience and I was seated right behind rajinikanth and am sure he enjoyed this speech more than any one! I saw him laugh his heart out so ofetn and even when he was commented up on more than twice.

Sidelines: Gangai amaran (bro of the genius ilayaraja) happened to sit near me before he shifted to the 1st row and we did have a row. My questions about the musical genius Ilayaraja seemed to have touched a wrong chord and this fella started to blast me off. It was shady & shameful that he cudnt digest the fact that his bro was being regarded so high. Sigh!!!

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