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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a race!

Oh man! The Tamils are suffering, the politicos here say! Its indeed a very sad thing for a set of people who have been suffering for more than 2 generations now in Srilanka. But who has cared to understand their real problem? Even their own martyrs and militant leaders have ignored the ground realities and are braving genocide (suicide too).
Now am digressing- I did not want to discuss the srilankan tamil problem at all. But the race to gain political mileage is going on here. Each of these “tamil saviours" like MK, Ramadoss, Thiruma, neduma, vaiko all put up a show matching their capability and show their ‘utmost’ concern and act to their best of ability. Suddenly this race hots up. But, remember the rule of the game: it shudnt affect the eating of cake in their resp portfolios in the resp ministries and alliances. Now that the rules are set, they shall go forth and seek solace. Since the tamils in Srilanka are facing problems, we as brethren shud get to know a part of their problems. So buses shall be burnt here! public properties looted and vandalized! Hey, that’s just a way to teach us foolish public a lesson- on the srilankan tamils’ struggle, you know. So no buses shall ply in nights in south TN, people shall be put to enormous problems like no vehicles, no movement even of essentials. Long live the race!
Here, we as responsible citizens shudnt ask too many questions that too rationally! Then u shall be condemned to be anti-tamil! You shudnt take seriously some of their trading of charges like ‘he is paid by ltte’, ‘he is not talking, the money given by the poraligal is talking’ ‘we all know some of these tamil leaders are paid for by…’
So all we can do is sit back and enjoy and never get caught in the crossfire- here in TN! Don’t venture out when they fast for example! for they shall burn anything deemed to help the srilankan tamils’ struggle, like bus, shelter, your vehicle, public offices.
What a race we are, hmmm!

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