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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Monday, November 19, 2012

pots of jack

before u wonder what that subject line is- isnt it the plural for jackpot?;-)

yes i got them in pots..jackpot..
last week had another brush with this intellect, genius actor kamal the great again..
oh man! there is no end to my admiration..

he plunges in to etymology, parochialism and backs them up with incidents across the world..talking about french parochialism he jumps in to fluent 2 sentences of french miming a person he encountered..
then going on to tamil, he wud freely quote from 'naalaayirathivyabrabandham' or 'thiru vasagam' or such like..
he wud also narrate some of is own poems and launches in to some word like 'uthu' he used even in that song in his 'manmadhan ambu'..
as the conversation meanders in to various digressions, he talks about how one of his uncles wished the Germans had colonised us..and K goes on in to a fantastic imagination and enacts how the conversation between his father and uncle would be..and how we all wud be speaking german and how like english today, only those who speak german would be merited:-)
It is such a pleasure to see him suddenly launch in to miming or acting or just infuse the dialogs of one of his characters in one of those movies and how he wud, today at one instance he goes on about one of my favorite movies of his- Devar magan..and explains how the thought and scene about that dead body
of a child (which he refers to as the dead human seed)  that gets caught in the roots of an uprooted tree..and goes on to explain the significance of so many things around that! what all goes behind..what thoughts..imaginations..passion..

if that is not enough had 2 very interesting discussions last week, with gautami reg sustainable agriculture..

and then when I visited an organic farm of my close friend's MIL whose(late) husband I have heard was a cult figure- 'Devudu gaaru' for his works with marginalised dalits in Chitoor area..
and to come to know that she is the daughter of Thi.Ja..oh man! my heart stopped.. when she asked me casually, if I knew Thi.ja.. and when i asked her why, she matter of fact-ly  mentions that he was her father..and then all stop! my breath, heart beat, alles..if u didnt know Thi. janakiraman- u shudnt be knowing tamil...
he was a fantastic writer..had a cult following..many of his novels had a special following for the characters in them..even kamal mentioned to me that he wanted to do 'amma vanthaal'..
so my friend Kiran - you are not my friend any more..u are Thi.ja's son in law:-)
and Samyu- wait for another post here on that:-)