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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

another day with Kamal!

went with my good friend uday (Restore radhikas hubby) to the great Kamalhassan to demonstrate Uday's invention- a new sliding wind (musical)instrument..
as always Kamalji freaked out..
he even sang along as Uday was playing..he sang thodi and saveri for us:-) as the discussion went to hindustani (uday was showing how easy it was in this) kamal sang a few lines of hindustani..
then when we were talking of octaves, KH spoke about Balamurali Krishna and said how BMK wud easily loiter between 3 octaves even at this age..and then went on to treat us by imitating BMK and the 3 octaves..
wow..KH was on a flow and we were very lucky..
thats not for the instrument he had real good suggestions..he suddenly brought some stuff he wud use for his camera and suggested how uday can make this instrument mounted between his shoulder and from a pivot access from a stomach belt..(oh the serious physics words and tools he spoke of!!)..
all in all he proved again why he is s genius and sakalakalavallavan..

we were lucky. period:-)
to know that there was a team from hongkong waiting in the next room (reg stunt), then a group of literature pundits in another, then some producers in his room..imagine how many planes of thoughts he will have to traverse in quick intervals!