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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


saw this tamil movie? produced by Prakash Raj (he normally produces off beat movies)..
a cute movie..if u hav not seen it yet, Go see it in a theatre and let prakash get the money due to him. He like kamal wud pump it back to the same industry..
BTW dont expect rape scenes or mindless fights or double meaning dialogs, or hand kerchief clad figures or big burly villains or any other nonsense..
a neat movie, a comedy, nice music and a well taken one. one can see it with full family long since one cud afford,eh? so move it, go see it..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ha ha..

so those fools let us down..they did not bowl well, didnt field well, did not bat well either, that too in that all crucial match..
got it? ya, iam talking of cricket and the failure of indian blue men..but the 1st two lines were about Bermuda. yes, BERMUDA!! if only those guys had played well and beat Bangla we wud hav scraped once again in same situation as I had said a few posts back- some other team has to fail, another has got to score at 21.5rpo and some one else has to...

now to the point: lets all understand that these demi gods were just over hyped below average performers..i hope they are understood correctly and given the right place/space..
but then the next series is against bangla (ok they are a tuff opposition now, still), then may be bermuda, scotland etc..and all our greats will have bloated average..
If they ever talk of pressure, just spit on them..see how SA or OZ react to pressure..(after a series of falures - much talked about and derided, OZ come back with 372 for a hi pressure game, hmm)..I wish these over hyped (tell me one big tournament they performed and con sistently at that) guys are ignored and this sport moves out of pedestal it has been wrongly showered with..yes, am one of those afflicted with that disease, but still I pray for some sense and wish good..and to top it all may be the betting/fixing is at its best sad..
One positive outcome shall be- productivity of the nation wud increase tremendously bcos of this early return. that shud be welcome by the finance ministry!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WC tibits..

When some kids cry u felt ‘whats up?’ and their mom defends its due to a shortened sleep or disturbed sleep..and u gave a wry look? Ok now just a week in to the WC and just a few interesting matches (infact my interest and enthu did not stay the same after the 1st match- WI Vs pak) and just a few night outs (infact I don’t see beyond 3-4 wkts in to the 2nd innings; once the trend is known am dead flat) am having that same feeling all day..hmm..and come to think of how it wud be after 27th when the WC actually starts..oh! Forget patriotism, any interesting match is worth the watch right?

As for woolmer, its so sad that it happened. He was the guy who (re)wrote the coaching manual for cricket..he really invented innovative coaching and infused life in to cricket..his death is indeed sad and untimely..but if that bookie or other twists passed arnd is true, it’s a sin. I wish it was natural or atleast self inflicted..add to this Inzy’s retirement, akthar and other mavericks, PCBs 'newsenses' and the impending political crises..oh God save pak cric! There was some joke doing rounds about their loss to Ireland. Since they have never won against Inida in a WC, they got confused seeing the same color flags of ireland and lost to them too, ritually!

So our actors er cricketers freaked out and infused interest in to an otherwise deadly boring 1st phase (as I assured u couple of posts back)..the way the bangla match was played it looked like we were minnows and they one of the strongest teams..Iam happy we lost that match. If only we had scraped thru some how we wud have conveniently ignored the basics. Now as usual we will wait with puffed breaths wishing X plays with one player less, Y’s coach becomes blind, Z’s girl friends run away, etc..oh, talk of spice! We rightly add them as always..(I maintain all this even after that Bermuda bashing..if u really watched the 2nd innings of that match close, u wud have wondered where was our captain- sleeping or drugged? Having pushed ourselves to such a jam is it not sensible to be aggressive while bowling/fielding and get ur NRR as + as u can..and here they coolly strolled thru the action..when will these guys learn?)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

YOU are invited..

if u r in Chennai, be there @ kamaraj memorial hall on 18th march'07, sunday 10.00a.m. or if u r abroad, pass this info (cud be ur parents, neighbours, friends, spouse(s??)or just about anybody)..
There is a meeting organised by Exnora to explain about use of RTI (Right to Information act) and its use plus the extension of the same to fight corruption.
Accepted corruption is not going to die just when a few good souls start to raise voice..u cud be as skeptic as me about abolishing corruption, or even more- u might be more passionate about some other causes, but just help them to push ahead, just a silent spectator can help as much as the active participant there..any move to pave way for a clean, good environment for our future generations is welcome..
You can see the full invite here or more info on 5th pillar and its objectives here

a few more snippets:
Mr.Nirmal, a man charged up with hi energy has taken this too along with his other highly motivated objectives like clean environ, recycling waste, green environ etc..such is his hyper energy and enthu it will just push u too in to such a state and participate in those noble causes..
Vijayanand is one such guy motivated by him who is planning to return for good from the US of A (yes, ignoring the $$$ for a cause back home) and wud actively push the 5th pillar anti corruption drive.
When he met prakashraj, the actor and producer with a difference showed so much interest and suggested various ideas, put forth some action plans, proactively called some people in press, other friends of his and has promised there are good souls arnd and may be we can reach 'there' faster..
so be there to hear from such interesting personalities and to just push across a statement that many of us (may be silent spectators, still) are interested in such betterments..

come one! come all!!!

World cup (no) fever..

Absolutely no fever for this cricket WC..i remember coming here specially for WC in 2003 and what a time it was..everything and every where was cric/ like 'britannia khao WC jhao'..was so famous.WC was all over..this time hardly people know/talk of it..
for all that hype cric lovers wud definetly remember the match we played against Aus (ohh..i woke up at 5, promptly got the reqd 'archanais' from wify for disturbing her sleep esp for cric sake after all..and more teeth gritngs) and then i travel 80kms to watch the match (in CH one did not get cric easily those days) in a friend’s place..only solace was that there were quite a few fools like me and worst- Ind played pathetic..and then we all know what followed:- painting kaif's house, throwing stone @ dravids house etc..let me confes here: i know its so indecent and stupid to do such things..but for all that I underwent to see that match i had a small wry smile when i read the news of painting/stoning etc..NO! I wud not condone it but i did not whole heartedly condemn it either.. but thats old story..inspite of such bad start I did continue on my plans of coming over to India on hols just to watch WC and that I and India went all the up to finals was a good scene, still..
now Iam happy that there is not much fever or fervor for this WC and u cant khao britannia or some phuck and jhao to WC, atleast of what little i see..
but u know what i think inside (deep inside, so that none of u can ridicule it) since most things are ulta (iam back for good, neednt travel so loooong to watch matches, no kaif, no paint, no loses to university B teams-yet, ads by others like shahrukh, surya,goundamanis are still on) i feel India wud indeed go all the way..psst..dont tell any body I wish that..but if they do, tell the world I predicted it so loong ago:-)
while at it lemme tell you, this shud be the boringest cric WC- for its length, for the schedule and esp the teams..but lets all be sure India is one team that can make even these duddoo matches like bermuda, bangla very interesting..3 cheers to blues!

Note: This one was typed one week back and for various reasons known only to blogger and my broandband service provider (the inimitable bsnl) cud not be published! so u know whom to curse, this time..

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

secondary infection

heard of it?? so we learnt it by 1st hand experience (how true! experience is the biggest teacher!)..
suddenly one night my wify develops severe knee pain and i (asusual) chide her for getting hurt..she vouches she never got hurt/injured anywhere in recent past..(actually i ignore that) then the next morn her right knee was the size of a football! though shocked I motivate her by narrating kapil's story of taking 8 for 50something with a football sized knee ..its another matter it was double whammy for her- my irritating consolations and cricket again grt grt.. obviously since the knee was swollen we went to an ortho..and he, even before seeing her (while she was in the xray room), tells me after i tell him she did not get hurt or so she says - "it cud be a secondary infection. sometimes due to an original infection like throat or urinary infection such sec infections happen".. so again i smile at him thinking within "what gas? so i need to take a 2nd opinion soon"..with 3rd op we are convinced it is indeed sec infection..and the orig infection was a stomach infection that spread to her knees..then it worsened and hence we had to inject anti biotics thru IV and all is fine now..
iam saying all this now so late just to share such new things are around..until we hit on them in 1st hand we hardly know of such new nonsenses..thanks for all our screw up, nature hits back with stronger viruses/bacterias..remember teh mosquito and ddt screw up? so generally consult early, ofcourse some dependable and known our case we had a gr8 doc (thats for another time) but the orig infection was a stomach infection (symptom loose motions for 4-5 days which we ignored!)

update: btw Newzealand bowler gillespie has such a sec infection of an orig virus attack has hit his shoulder due to which he shall not be in the early that is prevalent across!