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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Failing Democracy! Nurturing intolerance?

what a shame? the largest democracy in the world just doesnt know how to engage with its citizens- in rest or unrest!
firstly it just cannot fathom being questioned- right or wrong!
it just hasnt learnt how and why it s important to consult..
such a failing democrazy..

just clock back..
when ever the worlds democracy failed like this - to converse, to engage, to consult..the unrest lead to more bloody outcomes..
when in the 80s the Srilankan govt failed to engage with students' unrest..yes, after all some students felt they were being treated very unfair (rightly so) and it lead to one of the deadliest outfits to torment them and other govts world wide for decades to come.
When in India IG failed to talk to the students in Assam or the disenchanted Sardars and it lead to such alienation and ended in terrorism..
the same with students in gujarat and bcos they are an enterprising society they found a quick solution by eliminating the democratic party for decades..
The same with many groups across the globe..
and the world esp democratic world isn't learning..
India is the worst..
what a shame..
they cant engage with anyone opposing or questioning..
esp this present govt is such a shame..This PM instead of coming and blurting out some inane statements, shud have stood up on the 1st day of protests of students..against what? not even against all the corruption and silly pranks his govt is foisting on the society but against an ill of the society which is being condemned unanimously by all..he cud have as well joined the issue and blurted out some sensible sentences and given the right instructions..
But here they chased the ones who were voicing out in favour of the victim who is in ICU.

Now! its interesting that This centre and delhi govt are confused over whose jurisdiction the Delhi police falls and they are now scrambling..

people- shud now make it an issue not to forget the confusions and shabby handling in a hurry..though the alternative is equally bad, one way is to teach all these stupids a lesson..throw them away..out of power is the least and best punishment we can inflict on these goons.

Monday, December 17, 2012

good meet!

yesterday, sunday the nalla keerai folks had called some 70 people to their farm, sadhana kudil at pakkam near thirunindravoor..those who had shown interest not only on nalla keerai, their production and market but more for people who had shown interest to take their personal passion and urge to farm.
needless to state here that 'to farm' means it can only be sustainable /organic farming.

The bunch of peple who had come really had their passion and eager on their sleeves...this was a group of people who were serious about taking to organic farming soon..
some of them already had identified their farms, some had their family farms, some were planning to buy as a all fantastic energy, sooper group of people..

it was just incidental that i had to moderate and take the discussions forward. as always apart from trying to get them all discuss and understand what they wanted and what was possible etc, i had to digress and explain what is an ideal market and how it is distorted today..also to stress the need for sustainable farming and more importantly sustainable living..
The non-elite crowd always brings the best out of me and really increases my interest and vigour:-)

and as is norm for any program involving restore, nalla keerai, safe food alliance- there was sumptuous, tasty all-millet meal!

Way to go jagan & team..

all the very best to all these eager dying-to-farm was fun and hope i get see most of them take to serious farming soon..

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jan Sansad- peoples assembly!

One of the main reasons for my Delhi visit was to extend solidarity to this Jan sansad..this is an unique event where many individuals, activists and NGOs across India land up and form something called the peoples assembly..
This is more to assert the democratic rights of citizens and for this cause hosts of movements and organisations from across India highlighting the myriads of issues and struggles. Agrarian issues and farmer suicides being close to ASHA,  we were hosting that session on the 4th day of the sansad.

In the process I got to rub shoulders with stalwarts like Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey. Medha Patkar, et al..and each day we had many events and each day culminated with a talk by some special speakers on very different issues..and it would be a special attraction by itself..
you can get to see the various programs and pictures of each day here.

Then there was another event happening in Delhi in these days-  the public hearing on farmer suicides..It was very disturbing though to hear to the victims- farmer widows:-(

Meanwhile one got to see, interact with various MPs and some ministers during this jan sansad..very interesting observations..but thats for another day..
for now had a gala time in Delhi and me back in MAS, getting ready for the next travel..