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Friday, June 24, 2011

expect some tardy performance..

lots to post here..
but lotsa travel happening..which means very less net access as well as no time to blog.
was in Hyderabad on ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture) matters..
from there to Salem..remember piyush? going to that farm for next 2 days..
once back in madras have loads to do..

so no promises on when more stories come..but there are many for sure..

Hyderabad was hot! and the food out there even hot...phew, my stomach had to really fight heavy to cope up with the spicy (tasty though) food out there..
Chennai was too when I left..In all Bangalore still is better inspite of the traffic woes..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ecoli and organic!

so as is the norm these days, once a while a new stone will be thrown at organic..and many who have never thought how the world and agriculture was till 100 years back- fully organic and how with all the various substantiation didnt bother to go organic would latch on to this new silly news item and question the seriousness and validity of Organic!

so here it is now- doubts about E-coli and organic..those who didnt bother to consume organic till date are quoting this..hey,u didn't worry nor question the residual chemicals and poison in your food nor the new GM food whose bio safety is a big question mark..but now u jump!!
all times, eh!

ok, organic is not like chemical- atleast one can wash..if not enough wash in hot water! thats about it..
but these e-coli etc can be a serious threat in meat per se..especially red meat and so its wise to avoid them. This new outbreak in Germany and else where is also because of e-coli from uncooked intestine and other parts of the animals that they eat.

now there are many other conspiracy theories..
see here for eg:
most of which is buyable bcos the pharma and agrichem are 2 ruthless industries who wouldn't dare to kill the whole world to sell their (dubious)product.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

how articulate! what answers!!

This octogenarian MK really freaks out!
no coherence, no matter!
what interview is this?

how shallow and stupid one can be to take the press and people for a ride..
oh! BTW he lost bcos of brahmins! thats the highlight..u know there are 80% brahmins in TN:-0

but good..if he didnt get why he lost, chances are bright he wudnt make it again!

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Egypt ot Bahrain?

lotsa talks..
if this Baba is fake?
if his fast is actually a Gandhian act?
if he is backed by RSS or BJP?
and if the ramlila was an Egypt or Jalian walia bagh?

last question first - its Bahrain..not Egypt not jalian..this silly govt screwed it up by playing like bahrain and the gulf countries do to quell the protest..(why not China one may ask- China atleast does it in day light like Tienanmen)

and the only response the govt spouts is "he is RSS agent" Oh! of all the suave accented Chidambaram is saying the famous "its RSS"..
the way he talks really puts me off..
hey man! its about corruption..stashed money in Swiss!
oops, is it?? they are all conveniently forgetting it..
may be cong, BJP all are together here..create a din and let the main agenda fall by?

yeah, This yoga baba stretched his imaginations a bit..asked for the moon..
didnot have the convenience of Anna- impeccable back drop!
But aren't we all losing the plot?
for the comfort of politicos?/

one thing- the response for Anna hazare's call yesterday gives some hope..that all is not lost..civil society is still having this new found zing in them..good..
Its another matter that team anna are also losing the plot at times and are mouthing what the press and few others want to hear..
but hope they dont get distracted and lose it..
lets have a good draft or even the law itself in place..then debate rather than trying to lose it all..
why should the PM and MPs shud be exempted, may I beg to know?
so that only some third class rascal is caught for misappropriating half kilo of guavas, eh?

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

cong Vs Baba Ramdev!

No one knows to shoot at their own legs better than congress…
In this Ramdev episode too that’s what they have done..
I cant fathom why Team baba wud issue a letter that they wud call off the fast the next noon..that is stupid how much ever they think they pulled a ‘fast’ one..
That really puts a big question mark on their intention, transparency etc..
But bcos it is congress that’s at the other end- who fell at his feet, spread red carpet, held ‘talks’ so many rounds and finally goofed by such an action-hence team Baba can actually get away..

What can one say for such an action at midnight? They suddenly say that Baba got permission to conduct yoga not political sermons!
What crap? The whole world new there was to be a fast at ramlila against corruption…there were even reports about how grand the place was being revved up..
And here cong suddenly woke up, at midnight that is, and are stunned that this man was trying to be ‘political’..only cong can come up with such ridiculous spouts..
Ok, if indeed he said yoga and was talking politics what will a govt do? Come disturb the gathering and lathi charge at mid night?

Oh man! Shabby on the whole..
And this problem of corruption will take a back seat now..
May be that’s what cong wanted..


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

another bone from MKs closet!

see here:

what a loot! in the open roads..and you now know why Sun TV has such a big reach and plush with money! they have the best technology- all for free (just steal them na!)and all our money too!
Nail them..infact get them pay back in multiples..

ok, now let the next wicket fall from the multi rich MK family.

and did u know who is the hero of MKs family now?? Kiran bedi!!
guess why? its bcos she revamped Tihar jail, its such a haven now and the family's meeting place!

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