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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Selvi called! what w way to start a day:-)

I got a call early this morning from Selvi asking me not to give her number to people. esp other organic shops. "I dont have much stuff, am afraid  i may go greedy if more people called me she said:-0"

Selvi is this cute small farmer from karur neighbourhood. Her husband talks less and has been a thalanmai reader and she contacted me a couple of years back and that is one of the very diff conversations I have had in years, i starkly remember even now...she spoke about a lot of  things then and how she (re)constructed her wooden gaani inherited from her FIL (maara chekku/old rotary oil mill) and how she mills oil, about its fragrance and health etc. she wud talk about her jaggery extraction and how that is fully organic from the beginning..she is some one who talks so fast and will talk about many things..about safe food and traditional tips..she wud just jump topics- always in an urgency to cover all that she had thought or collected in her mind..this used to be her feature every time she wud call me..she wud suddenly call me and throw some ideas for thalanmai "sir, u shud cover some snippetss on paatti vaidhyams, some simple easy to follow tips on day to day 'organic steps..:..she wud always bounce her ideas and if she doesnt see some of them being take, more ccalls will come and subtle pressure:-)

As a part of our transparency policy at restore some one should have passed her number to a few shop keepers and customers..we get cold pressed oil from her when ever she can/has and some jaggery. she is someone who will even tell us 'dont buy from me this time, i do not know the right source of till/sesame this time. so cant assure the organicity. so this aint for restore'..such is the power of restore and restoring trust my friends:-)
so suddenly she calls me early this morning and says 'some woman called me refering ur name and said she has a womens group and some 10 of them want to visit me. I told her  straight away am nothing and not big nor do i have anything to share, dont build an image and be disappointed, so pl dont come'. then she says suddenly she realised that more than handful have called her in the last shud the culprit be restore? so she called me and said- pl do not give my number to people. i donot want many people to call me and make me sell more. Iam afraid if greed will take over. i dont want to go around checking if some one has organic and "trade" to u city people. I am very happy with my small land, Koorai veedu (thatched roofed house) and my small activity..i have been happy just giving what ever small  amounts with full of health and nutrition to my locals around..i sent to u because of the regards and not for am afraid if more people call i can be swayed by greed..the convistion with which she said she doesnot want to "grow" and "Trade more" and "earn more" and become greedy was amazing!
what a way to start a day:-)