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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Monday, September 27, 2010


Many of u know of this already..the Kisan Swaraj Yatra !
A group of loosely connected individuals and NGOs together have decided to go on an yatra aroud the country prophesying about sustainable agriculture, against Genetically Modified food, ills of such unwarranted technology and chemicals in farming, policies that tamper the farmers’ livelihoods, “development’ in the real sense, apathy of Govts and public etc.
This covers 20 states and 14000KMs across with loads of events, public meetings, awareness programs, etc organized.
We shall soon be having the concerned links.. we expect some blogging, twittering etc to happen along the travel. You can find more details and regular updates here at from 2nd october 2010.
My personal blogging can only be sporadic, as expected..
But do peep in for some juicy stuff, interesting experiences and ofcourse curious insights. It will all flow even well after the yatra a very interesting quarter ahead.

Meanwhile, be informed this Yatra is funded only from individual contributions. So if you are up to it, kindly do donate. For details ping me.

Ok, got to go and prepare..
Yes raring and preparing to go..

PS: BTW preparations are a bit mom suddenly developed some medical even this post had to wait to be uploaded.. with crossed fingers and bated breaths,I wait..

PS2: while this post is still lying in my drafts here comes another update: The operation resulting in the removal of uterus went on fine..just that there is some doubts about malignancy of some growth in that i wait still..but atleast the operation and post op went on well! so there are no more doubts about my joining the yatra.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

China and its imminent fall

First it was their cheap or free labour that got them all their monies..and now a crack there..US and many of its followers in the west wants China to open up Yuan- their much tampered currency. Ok, call it correction.
Even if they open up a bit or correct (for the sake of pleasing the masters) they would be doomed..their wafer thin margins (yes, the manufacturing units, workers get piddly amounts. Like all communist regimes it’s the select few top communists and agents who will take the huge share of profits) will be hit and that shall be a hard hit below their belt.

Ofcourse their recent rub on the west’s face by installing some Nuke reactors in Pakistan. How much ever they all say its for energy u know what happens if paks have some wrong technology. Who gets to use them faster than their military? Ofcourse bin laden’s boys:-)

Then comes their downfall-III, their take on GM foods. The fact that they are fast becoming one of the largest users of GM seeds will mean a disaster, soon.

Oh no! iam not even going to talk of their Xinjiang muslim problems or the labor unrest all over or the many hidden (to outside world) catastrophes.

Iam just going to sit back and enjoy their fall- very imminent and looking closer by the day.ha ha!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

we will not tolerate corruption!

all of u- rest in peace..
no worries..
ok, u still alive and want to know what the title is about?
Our cricket minister er agri minister Pawar says this..
in connection with spot fixing in cricket!
as soon as the news of spot fixing broke (paki players confessed, some video recordings were shown, whole world was convinced these jokers shud be thrown) this great cricket minister who is the ICC boss said- the tour will continue. hmm, what? oh! he was bothered about cancellation clause, refund tickets, advt revenue etc .

Am happy in two ways. 1- cricket will die soon bcos great men like him are out to cut the golden goose. 2- this distraction and loads of money there means he, as agri minister, will have less time to screw up Indian agriculture. Not that he isnt doing that. he is a big reason for lots of lapse, failure and downfall of agriculture but atleast its not in the pace he wud want.

so all of u say it again loud and clear: we will not tolerate corruption!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

This and that..

Hectic days..many hospital days in the last weeks (grand mother, father for cataract, such like - nothing serious) travel, planning for the soon-to-happen long travel..
All this means blogging takes the first beating..infact my mail access itself has been way low in last apologies, inconvenienced regretted and all that!

Meanwhile lots of interesting things (many shameful ones included) happened around..
Worst of it all was the IMA getting in to a controversy bcos of endorsing a wrong product. As it is Indian Medical Assn is the only assn in the world to endorse commercial products. And to add more sham to this shame, they have endorsed wrongly! Misleading ordinary folks.
sample here.
They also got bashed up recently for the complain endorsement too apart from this Tropicana and Quacker oats!!
I also want some one to knock the *dash* off the dental assn which keeps endorsing colgate and other carcinogenic pastes..yeah, while on this, avoid any paste that foams up. It aint good at all.

Restore is organizing a community meet program on the 19th sep 2010. More info on the website. if you are in Chennai kindly RSVP and do attend it.

Amidst all this, W & me went to Point return and spent 3 days out there. As always its fun being there and working there infuses so much energy. Else where I had mentioned "Each time it grows on us, in all a project, as an idea, as a farm and as a rocking oxygen supplier/ body-mind revitaliser.." In the recent past, arrival of Sri & K had increased the fun factor there and now the new addition of Siddarth is a plesant bonus. if you are an IIT / IIM alumni then go settle at Point return;-)
seriously whats with these fellas? The 2 of the 1st 3 settlers out there are IIT, IIM fellas..

Finally, am joining the Kisan Swaraj yatra – a bus tour of 20 states, 12500 kms in 3 months..thats from really excited..much of my time these days goes with planning for that trip! Will come back with more stories and loads of experience..i cant wait..can u?

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