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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Sunday, October 29, 2006

back here..but has been ages since I scribbled something here..lack of time, lack of real interesting stuff to write about and ofcourse busy-ness and lazy-ness:-)
It was nice to note that some of u (so what if its only handful?) checked out reg the absence over mail. So some of u did miss, rit?
To talk of news – there’s nothing really..since there is nothing the press follows the errant wards of who’swho (like kumarasamy’s son or bidappas )..or they chase some vague case and pep them and serve sick..
On cricket front – the way Indians are playing (even if they beat oz today) they don’t deserve to be in the semis..that WI match was a joke! Both teams trying hard to lose like those azhar days – only India did that better and lost easily;-)

I cant understand the logic behind remakes of old hits like Don, sholay etc..are we running short of ideas? As it is we had a set formula (of 3) to go by and here we start repeating of creativity..

Oh, yes- Diwali passed by..hope u desis outside India had more fun without the TV distractions. I was at salem celebng diwali with my sisters, cousins – fly always hated crackers but did not have the moral right to impose on my next gen as I know I had my share of burning money in my days (ok, I tore lotsa tamil newspaper and spread all over outside our house to show off, still)..i dunno if diwali is still the festival of lights but for ages, for me it has been a festival of sweets..gobbling tons of sweets and adding calories has been a big past time that part continued without change..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ya, busy again..what with so many friends regularly visting desh and my shuttling between mas and blore…and meanwhile so many things happen..

Korean bomb (or fizzled?) was one. Ha conveniently every body is fooled to call this china copperative a Korean bomb..and after all the richter scales and near by spies are feeling otherwise! Of course japan's concern is of importance and India shud join them and try arresting this evil axis! Also shud try to expose chinas double game which is norm these days.
Navy purchase scandal! Of all people Fernandes is in the line now! Whether he took 'something' or not, this is not good for our navy or Indian defence in general. After all the navy has vouched the usefulness of the baraks and it’s the drdo that’s making noise. Here drdo has some bias and self interest and shud not help by playing in to the tehelka and other Chinese hands thus exposing our military purchase ending up in demoralizing our defence as such. But we are talking of logic and sense as against the media fodder..
In Briton there is a big controversy about the Moslem women sporting the veil! Oh, such noises..esp on straw’s comments on them. one more case where a teacher insisted her student remove it has spiraled in to a major contrv! Oh, man..give me a break..i want all the freedom that this land can give, all the good returns like good environment, money, free n good education, infrastructure, free life and all that possi but u cant expect me to be bound by ur rules and logic..oh! when will they change? The only consolation in this issue is, its not India its brit so there shall be some spine in the decisions. Anyway lets watch.

The top news is the dope catches! Hey, name any thing and our show man ‘throwing akthar’ is first! I thought they wud have been caught for some cannabis or such like..but just another performance enhancing drug..paks really do their best (or worst) to come out with something that can affect their pride as well as the game. So chukthars career is as good as over, ha haa…
and as for the champs trophy, it has not evinced the interest (atleast mine) that much. What with the matches being played in 4 western centres alone and slowly the highly predictable outcomes are blunting our interests. (ok India won and so one unpredictable thingy already happened)..still the champs trophy is not what it shud have been..meanwhile talking of cricket the most shameful thing is the ongoing controv if Azhar shud be next in line shud be dawood, abu salem, all those bookies and others right?? Who ever came up with such an idea and above all stir a controv out of it?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

expected rit?

One sweet chap called Lt. Parthiban – an Indian army officer dies while guarding the border in kashmir an encounter with terrorists (like afzal)and most of u wud not even have known it..for our visual media wud not make big noise over this nor our MSM wud have flashed it bright and big for any one to notice..
But compare that to the ‘to_be_hanged’ to ‘may_be_hanged’ Afzal and u wud know everything: right from what his wife had for breakfast to his kid’s dream to what he did in the last hour in the prison..
What are we reducing ourselves in to??

Monday, October 09, 2006

Have we forgotten basic courtesies?

Have u gone thru this? U go to some body’s house and a single syllable welcome (hmm..hey..hi..welcome..etc) and a brisk turn of head to another direction or a single sentence “hey..see who has come” or “ come this far today???” and a brisk turn of head..and in the rarer cases just no (re)action, almost discounting u without any notice..

Wondering whats the ‘other direction’ offering? Simple folks! TV and mostly a serial running..these days its sacrilegious to visit most folks during the ‘serial times’..
IMHO serials are the single biggest source of negative energy accumulators and pessimism pumpers,..pulling the society’s sanity graph further down in these already bad days..

That’s why I love houses without TVs in the hall or living room (Ra comes to my mind)..and value folks who just don’t switch their TV on when there are guests..even more the people who (till u enter are watching TV) puts them off and jumps in to conversation with u..Those are the rare and pleasing ones..
I went to one such house last Sunday and was pleasantly engaged by all in their family so well that none thought of the TV the few hours that I spent good old friend Pa and his family were the ones who gave this great feeling..Its not just the lack of TV watching that was comforting me, many more..(ok forget the snacks and beverage offered)
I also donot like the other common practise in the ‘visits’ - asking the chottus to sing cinema song and such like..thats a disgusting habit..I think as adults we shud not indulge in such wrong guidance. We shud never be the reason to glorify such crap songs to the kids..hey, ask them to recite some rhymes or some other better things than cinema songs..even worse is asking the kids to dance for songs..i feel ashamed when such things are encouraged esp during my visit to some one’s house..some times u stand a poor embarrassing party to these..

Ok, coming back to the point – at this friend’s house I was saying one kid showed his talent of Drawing the other singing! Man what nice talents to share. The younger one (all of 5-6 years ) draws a replica of any thing u show..a mag cover or his story books or such like..with just one pencil and not withdrawing his hand off, also no eraser used thru the whole drawing..and the elder one sings karnatic songs with such ease of a pro..and he sings a bit (arohana/avarohanam) and looks at me quizzically asking me to cough up the raga name..and is maha pleased at my failure as much as at my ‘pass’;-)
Forget that tastes differ and that one might like to listen to music where as another might want to read and so on..but bringing the TV and movie influence on the chottus is not something we shud do..NO, don’t get me wrong..i listen to movie songs, infact have very strong likes and dislikes, the same on movies too..but when it comes to influencing (esp wrongly) the kids let us take care..
The feeling I had in me long after leaving Pa’s house was mindboggling..

Thursday, October 05, 2006


oh..Sashi tharoor loses..those chinkus shud have vetoed..btds..they will never let us scale , not that US sec is everything for us- for i hav doubts about sashi's southasianness some secular creds he had b4..with all that he was a nice chap, spoke his mind well at times and carried himself exemplarily..and if its the US that vetoed- man we deserve for the mindless following GOI has been up to in recent past..

Line of fire- mushy boy has all the time to (ghost) write a brochure er book and pose with his publishers and talk big..all gas and bull shit (of what ever i read in all the excerpts that was available- whoTF will buy that lump of excreta?) end to his nonstop nonsense..false brags and blatant lies..but he sells man esp in the US and that matters..but am happy that he badly hit it wrong and stupid at many occassions in this latest attempt to : like where he talks of being shoowered millions inspite of being arm twisted and he gloats about fellow, thoo

commies, human rightists and shameless politicos and oh can I forget CM Azad are all fighting to help the parliament bomb accused from being hanged (yes its right english to nsay hanged!)..what shit these guys are and there are bandhs carried out in this great "fighter's" behalf..I say he shud be hanged for not executing that mission properly..oh! how i wish hundreds of nations top crooks being put to rest..let him be hanged just for that failure if not for that outrageous attempt!

The commies again..yetchuri and co make big dramas to allow chinese to do anything in form of business in India..they wud love that..and prolly a take over of GOI by chinkus..

chikunguniya, dengue all spreading left right and centre and our govts as always wud react after 1000s of deaths and it wud not be any sensible action, thats for sure..a shame that all civic and health issues always takes back seat..

oh! what happened to that joint anti terrorism wing fromed by our singh and mushy?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

closer to equator!

am in madras..phew..its hot (prolly the second season of the famous 3 seasons- hot, hotter and hottest of mas!)
but the taffic is cool..u still manage to any place on time..but the move to help this traffic (and spread of the city per se) was screwed up by the ever vigilant u know who! i was infmd by an insider that the ecr fellas ganged up and pooled heavy money and threw on this top politico to make that much noise and kill this satellite town idea! so u know why such things happen:-(
otherwise still coping up with catching up old friends..and ofcourse the prime busy occupation of taking parents for the regular check ups continue..
so asusual running and chatting and all that u can add..busy and fine..
so do bear with the random blogging..ya, dsl is not yet at my door in my village..
oh, yeah we are a develping(ed) nation, IT power and all that...when i wanted dsl at my sisters house in blore all p[rivate parties denied not having scope/tag/connecetion/cable etc and the same here too at dependent on the independable of globalisation, privatisation etal to me next time..