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Friday, June 30, 2006

Dont cry Argentina!

Oh! my bet goes for a toss now..I was sure Arg wud win or atleast make it to the finals..
They are gone, but they derserved to..they played bad..pretty bad that they made Germany look like a great doubts about Klinsy's plans or their energy and good tackle on the Argentines..still they lack that class to be a gr8 team that they have been lacking for 2 world cups now..
add to that Cruz and cambiaso who come in as replacement..that means add two more grasses to the ground..what guys to bring on as subs..and with Messi sitting inside..just for this they deserve losing..
South American teams thrive on good passes and gr8 playmakers..and here Arg did not have a good playmaker..saw Ayala's face when he took the penalty shoot? Lehman cud hav gone for a coffee. he cud have been sure Ayala wud not have scored in an empty goal post..
having so many negatives they deserve going home and start practise for next WC..and if the columnists write "there was too little to separate between the two teams, bla..bla.." then its an insult, mind u. And Arg have themselves to blame:-(
so no body to stop Brazil now, eh?

as for lighter side - I liked the incident where Ghana's coach was sent off the field..bcos he asked the referee to sport a Brazil jersey;-)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

sorry..yeah, i killed him, still..

So a great apology from ltte..that too in disguise and not by the top but by a chela..
and some zealots esp in TN wud jump saying 'see here they apologised. so all fine now, lets go all over in helping them'..
shoopid..they come over kill our PM and the after so many eons wud pose apology..hey, I did not like him too..but he was our PM, let us shoot him on his foot or rap him on his wrist or may be send him to hell, but let us do it..who are they anyway?
and btw these guys never mean what they say. Did u hear them say "peace" and "cease fire" not long ago and did we not come to see that it was just biding time to amass fire power..
and so this sorry also might be some other trick..
I wish our Govt reads their lip properly and remembers their crimes in tot and then react..
or just simply let the accused (1st accused is infact Herr.prabakaran!)come and appear before our courts and then let us think of the magnanimous forgive that they plead for suddenly!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

see this..Italian WC training;-)

Monday, June 26, 2006


Am talking of the Australlia Italy football match in WC. what a game..a gripping one and mostly dominated by the Oz..went up to the wire..
But at the last min (or few secs to go) in the extra stoppage time Italy CHEATS..yes i call it cheating..pretending to have been fouled, in the 'D'. Ok, the referee goofed it inspite of a clear view of the incident.Its cleary fooling, bending the rules and 'winning' a penalty..
The way the Italians, spanish (and till sometime ago Argentines) win freekicks and penalties by feigning fouls..may be in future each team will come up with 2 good actors..I used to hate that attitude in the god of a player like Maradona.
u really can expect players, esp italians, to do anything and that too in dying moments to wrest a win home, but this is too much..
Will the Oz feel raped or robbed?
But the oz can walk back with head held high..they played all the matches incl against Brazil very well and have made a mark..typical of Oz..
and I wish italy is wronged in their next match by another blunder by the referee.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Soccer? Whazzat??

Its football craze all over the globe..and still a handful countries call it soccer! Man, its Football, period.
Folks! Please use only the term football and not soccer and advise/press/insist for the right usage, always.
Just bcos the Americans in all foolishness call it soccer (and hence a few others like oz, Canada follow them) does not mean the name can change..after all they stole the most popular name for a new game of their own..and we all know how bad they are at naming! Remember “world series”?.ha..haa…
Coming to WC ,yours truly did guess swiss to come up to round 2 and here they have their luck following still with pre-quarters against Ukraine..The (mentioned)other dark horse is yet to come to light..cud be spain or Aus or Ghana..(did u know Ghana’s national anthem is vaalu meenukkum vilangu meenukkum kalyanam? Ok..thats a tamil PJ – others pl excuse;-))
England, France, Italy are a big let down..real poor game.Brazil is way below their capability and hype, Argentine was sublime but now going down in the last 2 games. Did u also find the refereeing below par too? I found it pathetic at times..
Did u see the crowds that collect at the various city squares (eg. In Seoul or Rio) we need any further proof of which is the world’s biggest event?

As has been in recent past, it has been inundating sports times..2moro wimbledon starts, so I can follow my darls Hingis..and I knew it had to happened one day, some day infact. Agassi the class act is going to retire..
In hockey India lost to Netherlands by a whisker and failed to qualify for finals but did ok to win bronze..In todays bronze game it was a terrific display. It was really fast paced and I cud not bear the suspense if India can hold the lead in the last few for cricket – less said better. But they are doing us good by saving some time and strain;-) I need to go for the next football match..

Saturday, June 24, 2006

will somebody shoot him?

and pass the bill to me;-)
man..we are in no dearth of such creatures..
Lalu's BIL one subhash yadav asks for the Rajdhani express going to Delhi from Patna to come to platform 1 (from the slated pf 4) bcos he was in no mood to walk!
Inspite of the concerned officers apprising him of the various difficulties and with his threat for their job, the announcement comes up and 100s of people scamper..
who cares eh?? after all its their family's railways!

and that not all..the next day another BIL of lalu (another yadav -sadhu or something)wants to emulate the same feat..another platform, another train, same trick..
is there any "buy one get one free" for the title? then go ahead add this fella too.if not free, i foot this bill too..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an accident and some lessons

Yesterday night as I just stepped out of my flats for a walk after dinner, I saw a crowd just outside the gate. When I went closer I saw 3 people injured badly – 2 very young guys and one old man in security uniform. Close to 20 people had surrounded them but none moved their butt usefully. Immdly I grasped the situation that there shud have been an accident and no point asking “what happened" to these Ahs..their serial influenced brain will start a lecture on how the guys were driving rash and how every bodys life is in danger and that the city has gone to dogs etc..(but I missed one imp thing here, pl make a note of that at the end)
Seeing the teens profusely bleeding I went up to the kiddos and tried asking him how he was feeling and shud I take him to a hospital..but then I saw in his bleeding face that he was infact sinking and pleading for water..he was seated on his kinetic which he drove (who TF let him sit on the bike I dunno, tempers really rose)..then I had to immly summon an auto and put this fella inside (so that he can comfortably lean and then decide what to do) fetched him some water from near by shop and meanwhile saw the other chap who was on a dark end of this circle of people and our glorious citizens had forgotten why they had indeed assembled there and pushed this guy to oblivion. Its then that I saw the old man in a security uniform lying in the other side of the road against the compound wall of the next building. Our people had carried him (helped?) and put him to the side. So there ended their duty(!!) and they were free to access, steal, bitch around..(24 hours and my anger has not subsided)
All our politicos and movies glorify the needy’s needs and need to help poor & all that and everytime I see in very simple ways' people (all us) tend to ignore coolly such poor and needy this old man (clearly looking old and poor) was left to rot in a side..just pulling him from the accident spot (prolly middle of the road) to safer side was more than enough. People seemed to have already decided on his destiny and tended to ignore him. No one coming forth to even check if he wanted any assistance or needed first aid. I generally asked the crowd if anyone wud volunteer to accompany any of these to the hospital..(hey why didn’t I think of this question before itself? That cud have helped reduce the crowd) even my apt security rejected my request and then 'order’ to take one of them to the hospital..
So I pushed one of my neighbourhood teen to take the other 2 teens to the nearest hospital and I decided to take this old man to Royapettah hospital. So put this man in an auto and rushed to Rypth hospi. On the way, saw his side strip with his company's name on his uniform and called my friends and asked them to find out the number of his security firm n inform them to rush some help for this man. This man was totally disoriented. Never answered my questions. But he wud suddenly wake up (from his semi conscious state) and murmur something incoherently and go back..It was like 20 mins and I did not know a bit to react if he had sunk or gasped for breath. No idea how to help resuscitate or what to do next..I did not even know if he shud be taken to this hospi or to the GH. why did I not choose to send him to the same nearest private hospital beats me! Prolly some one from the crowd mentioned royapettah and I just started. I also thought later that may be the priv hospitals can reject or may be he/his family mit find it very expensive or formalities for emergencies or all together. Any way I took him to the emergency and spoke to the duty doc who was luckily nice and told me to bring him in and he wud keep me posted after examination..It was now when I lifted him (from his left side) that I saw blood from his ears and a bigger injury on his rear head.. Meanwhile I inspect his pocket with the docs help (man I did not dare to check his pockets when I was alone- see how bad we react) and call the 2 Nos. that were there in a small paper luckily and inform them, asking them to come there. Now the doc after examining him, slowly comes to me and asks me to take him to the GH. I suspect the seriousness to be the reason and pressed him to give all 1st aid possible and arrange for an ambulance and with some proper assistance (and with his family member assisting only) to shift. To make it short let me not elaborate his limitations and why he wanted to shift or on my begging and other arguments.
Then I come out to settle the auto guy. He denies to take money saying “sir! Like how u helped take it as my help. What is there? Please don’t press me”..oh!! I meet a decent fella after so long on this episode..
Now I rush there to that private hospi where I had sent that neighborhood kid and lucky I went there! Some FIR fundas, one of the accident teens mom’s dramas, doc’s too many questions wud have been too much for that kiddoo to handle..
So what now? Lucky that these 3 were taken in time. I am sadly reminded of my dear friend whom I lost last year bcos no body helped him rush to an hospital in time after a police van (yes! Police van!) hit his bike and he was thrown out and injured badly.

Now to some very important lessons I learnt here and shud share with u all!

1. Please do not waste time and help rush the injured to hospitals.
2. Never decide on your own if rushing to a hospital is required or not. Let the concerned professional (doc and others in hospi) decide.
3. Preferably DON’T GIVE WATER to the injured. I was told by the doc later that just sprinkling shud be enof and let the docs decide if water can be given. In some cases if any emergency operation needs to be performed, water given by us cud be a reason to delay the operation (by 5-6 hours!!)
4.(In India)You can infact rush any one to any PRIVATE HOSPITAL TOO. They are indeed bound to admit any emergency case and work on them. So no worries about if FIR or cost, etc is a criteria.
5. Never see the other side and walk off on seeing an accident. It cud be you or your kith next time suffering from such avoidance walks.
6. Get any possible education on first aid and also pass that info to many others.
7. Instruct your kids (as they grow big) to sincerely help people. The onus is on us to slowly spread this awareness to help the injured and as a society we need to move some mountains before we become responsible.
8. Always check for any belongings (esp costly/mobiles purses/hand bags etc)of the injured and try to secure them. (yes'day I took the bike and parked inside my apts, but forgot in that tension/tempers to survey that area for other stuff.Yes there are cheapos who flick from such places too. Unfortunately mobile, purse and a bag of one kid was gone and I dunno of the other 2- esp the old man for he is yet to resume talking. my bad ain't?)

Monday, June 19, 2006

So no takers??

I went to pondy..all u losers..cud not guess, eh?
a bunch of us schoolmates visited Neyveli to our alma mater..had a gr8 time..emotional, grateful, nostalgic and all was fun to be in the places we did all nonsense (and some sense) 20+ years back..and to see the various places of additional fun in your old town is _______(yeah indescribable, so the blank)..a sad reminder to our status as old farts - as many of our teachers had retired..then we all went to near by pondy – mother’s land and beach resort to chill out..
Then it was laugh riot all the way – each one narrating other’s silly pranks of yester years and pulling each others’ legs..and ofcourse laughing our guts out..many accepted on one thing – that we have not laughed like that continuous thru the night ever..and if u ever thought laughing cannot be so tiresome..u just had to see us the next day..all sapped out..good fun that..
Such group flash backs are so good, it helps refreshing and also reduces some ageing in u..(it helps old farts like us)
Some examples of flash back..
A new physics teacher walks in to the class(9th?) and starts off in to lesson straight away after a small customary intro..and she mentions Archimedes..and immly C raises his hand and with a serious face asks “initial madam” and we all go in to a prrr laughter and she is irritated and sternly asks him we recall this C feigns ignorance and acts like he has we unnecessarily pull out more incidents and he surrenders…

One teacher of the electrical gadgets ( a not so serious elective in cbse in 9th)used to be the target of many of our pranks bcos it had no big significance in ur rank or curiculum. R irritates him so much he gets fed up and so poses a question thinking to shut him up - "whats ur rank" and R cooly without batting an eyelid says - 'about 4.5 sir' and that man was bold..the class was in splits..

As our tamil teacher walks around the class and reads aloud from the prose or poetry we are supposed to follow and take he comes near one of our star sleeper’s desk, he asks us all to take page 98 and just lands his hand on the shoulders of S who was sleeping..and S suddenly jump wakes and asks “which 98th page sir?”(entha 98aam pakkam aiyya?)..and for the next 5 mins its our rolling laughter and teacher's archanai for S

A bunch of us gets a summon from the prini bcos we all managed to get less than 20 in some sudden botany test..(we used to ignore botany but used to pass zoo + bot)and as we march in to the princi’s room A orders all of us to be quiet and not to laugh if and when he spontaneously cries if the situation warrants..inspite of the warning R prrs and inbetween his cry padams(show) he turns back throws a couple of swear words at R and turns again to princi cries aloud and pulls princi's hand and promises him that all of us will get 90+ in the next test..and after the let off we all raid A for the next hour for his promise on all our behalf..

Ofcourse the drools of various guys towards the other side of the class and the various picks, pranks and nicknames being carefully and interestingly recalled..

Recall of our PT’s wierdos..”kneel down and put ur hands upstairs”, “open the window let the climate come in” “close ur mouth at the back”, "let us prayer", "u both the three of you" and more..

We also called some of the folks who did not turn up (at midnit and later) and killed their patience..with funny ideas like posing like clients, calling in female voices posing as old long lost class mates (with choosy names to strike drool effects to max) and what not..max fun that..

Friday, June 16, 2006


am off to mother's country!
got it madames et monsieur??
guess b4 I come back in 2 days;-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adieu Michel!

Ciao Michel..RIP!!
It’s a very sad day for me as I come to know of the sad demise of my close friend – Michel Giamberini..A superb human being and a complete one!
A very pleasant chap to move with and be friends with. For me he was more than a colleague with whom I spent 5 years together and so had many happy memories and great moments.. a man who was always a gr8 company to have..a man who inculcated the importance of walking and fitness to me..he was the man who will come up with the addresses of new Indian restaurants in vague corners and ‘gallies’ of Zurich for us to venture out so often..a guy who had a special corner for Indian(es)s..a man of many talents..he used to play didgeridoo (an australlian instrument- existence of which I never knew till he showed me!) among other things.. a sweet guy who always b(r)ought us all colleagues variety of desserts and cakes almost all noons.
We both joined the same day – same firm, same team under the same boss..the similarity didn’t end there..there were lots to come in the next days..and we gelled from day 1..
He was a “heart man” going by his heart in most cases..but had clear logics and his special reasonings..
We discussed everything from football to islamic terrorism to bush bashing to economics to society to service..
Man – he was far out! Just few mins after that 9/11 WTO dash, I find him casually browsing prev day’s 20 mins (a swiss german tabloid)..when I informed him of the laden venture -infact asking him if he was aware (the whole office was abuzz about 911 and here he was sitting like nothing happened and so I thought I shud rather inform him). He casually said “yeah, I know” and when I said- man some 2000 died, he adds “every day thousands die in Africa! As we are talking now or when those planes landed there, may be some 2000 kids died in Africa. Come on Anaanth these are politics..Let the world think of kids dying out of poverty across the globe instead of pumping billions in to unwanted wars and politics” That’s Michel – spot on (m)any issue(s). I hear even after his death he had his way. No church ceremony! His ashes will be spread around a tree he planted in uetliberg (Zurich).
It (his captor) started like this 5 years back: As he was leaving one evening, I told him to come early the next day as we had a meeting – just in case he forgets. He comes to me and says he has a doctor appointment and added tongue in cheek as always – that he shall make it to the meeting if the doc doesnot diagnose cancer..and we all laughed at his miming..only to come to know the next day that it was indeed cancer that had afflicted him..still he was joking..but also proved what a man of resolve he was!
He took only alternative medicines (homeopathy and for a short while ayurvedic)..It did miracles or so we all thought..while allopathy had written him off five years back he showed great improvement to the extent that we all forgot his disease for a couple of years in-between until he suddenly developed some problems recently.
When I spoke to him last week, he said in his usual style. He was far too casual about his imminent death and was asking me not to sound so bad in my voice He said he wished for a painless death and when I objected to him mentioning death again he said – “man! Only if u r afraid it’s a big thing. Iam clear and just hope its easy. Once a person is clear about death and has no fear, its just a next step. Let me see what that is. Only worry is I could not visit u/India as dreamed”. That’s not the only thing he dreamt of..he infact wanted to come here not as a tourist but to work with the poor. He wanted to do more here..
While talking of some other issue he casually remarked “..oh, yeah! I wish I depart next week so that its easy for Maria to take a decision” and he did so..
My dear Michel!
Iam sure where ever you are you will be smiling and be a cause for smiles for more..and will always be a sensible value add.
Wait there Michel, I will join u for sure..if not soon, as soon as I accomplish atleast some of ur dreams..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sports day?

Or week or month??
Inundated with sports arnd the world..and am not complaining:-)
3 matches in football, India WI test match and French open finals beckons..
In the women's tennis one more ---ova and model arrives! Be ready for foto splurge! As for the other finalist henin hardenne - while u are alone in ur bathroom or bedroom try voicing the exact pronunciation of her name aloud:-0
In Fr open, mens, its Fedex Vs Nadal again 2moro..its going to be a great showdown and with Nadal having had sooper match whereas Fedex had an abandoned match..but showed his class with some unbelievable shots..a couple of shots he really fooled not only the opponent but all us viewers..while u expect only a couple of standard choices of shots in some situations he came up with incredible he’s still in..did u notice one thing? In the semis it was all the 1st 4 seeds in tennis and in the finals the top 2!

As for football, germans escaped the 1st match syndrome where many a giants failed in the past..but anyway they have nothing in them to go past quarters, even if they have spent billions for this WC!
How can we miss the statement that comes on all lips every 4 years? So for our part, all of u say it aloud with me: ‘A nation of 1 billion plus and we can’t send a team of 11 for football WC! Che what a nation’..(ok to my comments) But tell me if we are in any field that needs aggression speed and body power..see the guys playing there and the shots pounded with raw power..oops..its generally tuff for asians per say and that’s why u see the Koreans and japs come up with short passes and speed to offset the natural disadvantage! And south Koreans added a few million loud mouths to that and went as far as the semis in the last that’s the best u can see from an asian country..
But don’t let that worry u folks..We Indians are just one step closer now! Believe me there are 644.5 “experts” analyzing each match – before, during and after and coming out with amazingly ridiculous views..if only the other coaches of these latin American and euro teams listen! then be assured they r gonna forget football and we can sneak in..

NO!! am not yet over on my riling..
ESPN has soooper hindi commentators (remember our good old sushil doshi of our AIR days??) and they were freaking out..really, I had to undergo that shit for 30 mins until the hotel chappies (yeah saw the match on the terrace of raintree!)found a way to bring english commentary on. 5th minute in to the game, the hindi comm. was calling god and what not..(hey Bhagwan! kya shot..maaarrraaa..and that high pitched shout with no relevant words like everytime we used to have a boundary or 2 less in cricket!)oh phuckkkkk..oh yuckkkkk..
Asusual IBN goofs it up..this news channel had an op poll conducted (one of the 100 they conduct each day) for who will win the WC..and they flash below stating brasil: 1 and UK:2..its not UK my dear fool, its England! Infact scots and Ireland too tried to qualify..Ok some one like Sardesai who can never get to pronounce TN (he says tzaaamilnaad always) can only come up with such brilliant shows..they have no knowledge of geography or history or current affairs and they run a channel! So easy eh?

Friday, June 09, 2006

D day

Today is the D germany..the planet’s biggest show, the world cup unfurls and who will make it? Will some one stop Brazil? I wish some dark horse comes in to last 4 and ofcourse that Argentine to be one of the rest 3..and I want a new hero..enof of Ronaldos, Ronaldinos and Bekhams..may be messi or some xxxic (pronounced ---itch). As usual in Madras people need setopbox to view them. Back in CH I remember guys who used to state the thigh size of guys (last time carlos was the winner!) and reel off various stats just like that! The passion used to run high..hey guys – is the betting going steady out there??
Funny part was when ever Italy lost (like India in cric) all the Italians unanimously blamed everything like the referees to line men to grass height to altitude to neighbour’s maid..but never their players..Those of u in DE, hmm ensooyyyy..
A doubt: About the new ball to be used in this WC. It’s a ball with no stitching like the regular ones but 2 parts stuff glued together. So expect it to swing or move (or what wud they call it in soccer now?) in the air like in the goalkeepers will know the problems of a wicket keeper!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Lotsa noise about petrol price hike in this land..any one in the govt has got to do it and any one in the opposition opposes this and acts big as though they r doing us people a favor..for me it’s a open and shut case straight away – if the commies oppose it, its definetly a right thing..
That said reminds me of another of the commies’ privatize the it is most airports are worse than my good old home town Neyveli bus stand (the gr8 CBS as we used to call it!) and here, after ages some one is thinking of bettering them and promptly jumps our national keepers, opposing it..what a joke- they want the AAI (airports authority of India) to take care of the airport renovation and better to screw it up..when will these fellas ever live?
In French open (who cares now that darling Hingis is gone) Nadal is marching gr8 and so am scared for fedex..wish him all luck guys..lets hope he turns it around this time..
A good news – Motorola establishes (or plans to) a production unit in Madras..good for madras and even more so for maran/MK family..jackpot I guess!
A surprise outcome of a stunning research: what comes to ur mind when thinking of fidelity (well apart from me)Swans right? Hitherto known for their lifelong fidelity, being slated high as monogamous, they have been proved to be having illicit encounters..1 in 6 being cheaters:-)


Lotsa noise about petrol price hike in this land..any one in the govt has got to do it and any one in the opposition opposes this and acts big as though they r doing us people a favor..for me it’s a open and shut case straight away – if the commies oppose it, its definetly a right thing..
That said reminds me of another of the commies’ privatize the it is most airports are worse than my good old home town Neyveli bus stand (the gr8 CBS as we used to call it!) and here, after ages some one is thinking of bettering them and promptly jumps our national keepers, opposing it..what a joke- they want the AAI (airports authority of India) to take care of the airport renovation and better to screw it up..when will these fellas ever live?
In French open (who cares now that darling Hingis is gone) Nadal is marching gr8 and so am scared for fedex..wish him all luck guys..lets hope he turns it around this time..
A good news – Motorola establishes (or plans to) a production unit in Madras..good for madras and even more so for maran/MK family..jackpot I guess!
A surprise outcome of a stunning research: what comes to ur mind when thinking of fidelity (well apart from me)Swans right? Hitherto known for their lifelong fidelity, being slated high as monogamous, they have been proved to be having illicit encounters..1 in 6 being cheaters:-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

news round up..

The Mahajan ward’s noise is the biggest..its becoming a pain with all these news channels clinging on to such non-issues like the US channels and cause such a pain in (y)our rear of an irritating “powder” and here it is with junior mahajan..he deserves all the negative impact and image killing he is undergoing for he did not even know the right quantity – of both the powder and champagne and did not own up to it too! Rightfully his chances of a rajya sabha seat and plum post in BJP went thru the drain..good for BJP..(rather Indian politix)
Shame shame: Rathore loses his gun..NO..not his mistake but the airline’s! like it happens to us all once a while, it happened to Rathore too – only difference being he cant participate in the world cup (shooting) bcos of that..shame ain’t? remember that joke – where a passenger (like u) goes up to the check in counter and says “hey, check in myself to zurich but put me in a flight to Rekjavik, that blue suit case to LA, that black bag to paris and when u really find and put me in to the zurich flight after a day put those 2 bags to NY”. The attendant “no sir! Its just not possible..blah blah..!” and he retorts “mam..thats what ur bloody airline did last time to me”;-) (something similar happened long back in my college campus- shall tell u some other time. haa I have stuff for 1 more post!)
Atlast the Indians played 2 good days of cricket and the draw was a right end, for we did not deserve to win the way we played the 1st 2 days..and to that Lara issue – its bad..but he is one guy who has the right to demand a walk off since he is one who walks off every time without waiting for the umpire irrespective of the match situation..yeah its bad that TV or 3rd ump cud not conclusively prove, but Dravid pulled off a typical dravid style (or is it typical desi style?) act..calling off the players i.e. declaring at the right time to avoid any embarrassment to all concerned..master move and typically jammie! One shud not forget WI is the most decent and gentlemanly team in world cricket (India a far second though)..btw saw this? Gayle bowls a good ball – the last of that over and Dhoni does a ‘marrillier’ to that ball and it flies above the keeper for a 4! Gayle is baffled and then gives a hi five smilingly to the non striker kaif – an appreciation for that shot..unbelievable in these days where they are trying to bring in soccer like aggression!
Else where in sports – sigh darling Hingis loses in quarters..and btw will some one warn Mahesh to maintain a distance from her while partnering her in mixed..iam J
I saw a news item by some girlie in IBN about her trip to swiss..she went all over CH with a camera even in to spruengli on Zurich’s bahnof strasse, then Luzern, Titlis and more..phew..remember the churning effect I talked of sometime back? In this case 8!
Now that the reservation issue is dying it shall be buried soon, but we can see some fwd jokes on this issue and..sample here:
Manmohan tells Bush we are sending Indians to the moon next year. Bush says “vow! How many?” to which MS says “ 100!! 25 OBC, 20sc, 25 st, 5 handicap,5 sports , 5 terrorists, 5 kashmiri immigrants, 9 politicians and if needed 1 astronaut”

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pat pat..

century, >5k and all that...
So 6 months since I started blogging and 100 posts, 5250 visitors passed by just now!
so what if I myself clocked 1000 out of the 5000;-) It still feels good..
Its ok even if it was not a very creative outing every time..still looks like ok and I can pat myself on my back…
Definetly there is the thrill that some 20 to 30 (and 80 on a couple of days!) angels tread here and check out if anything is scribbled at all..infact the best of all those angels are those who leave their foot prints here..thanks a ton, that definetly was a gr8 that more often please..
Any of u think I shud become more creative or post useful ones? Shud I lessen the frequency and increase the quality..(hey u know I cant!)..just etch ur suggestions – and any way leave it to me to take it or leave it;-) U know I like democracy and the Chinese one at that;-)

I started scribbling bcos I was bored to write the same developments/events/observations to many of my friends out the regular mails about what I was doing or how I was killing my time or the eagerness to find out if I still was really continuing my retirement life as said on quitting CH..
ok..there were these good souls who just jacked (faked?)up by pressing me to write just bcos they thought I shud write or those who jokingly mentioned I can do good writing (if I kept attempting is it?) what if some tried a tuff joke on u r on to it..hooked up like hell..
so we are together in to this..let us fake enjoyment here..
come on..

Friday, June 02, 2006

enjoy ur weekend..

am too tired..traveling, meeting old friends, partying are taking heavy toll on
me ;-)
so to lighten up a couple of jokes that always were on my top 3 list for long..

A man is walking down the street one day when he notices a very small boy trying to press a doorbell on a house across the street. However, the boy is very small and the doorbell is too high for him to reach. After watching the boy`s efforts for some time, the man moves closer to the boy`s position. He steps smartly across the street, walks up behind the little fellow and, placing his hand kindly on the child`s shoulder, leans over and gives the doorbell a solid ring. Crouching down to the childs level, the man smiles benevolently and asks, "And now what, my little man?" The boy replies, "Now we runnnnnnnn!"
A man having throat infection goes to a doc’s house for consultation. He knocks on the door and as a lady opens the door asks “ is the doc in?” and due to his throat infection this comes out in a hush hush tone and immedialtely the lady pulls him in whispering “No..he is not in..come in..”

An Egyptian man is walking through the Cairo bazaar, when a stranger comes up to him and offers to sell Viagra (illegal in Egypt) for 100 Egyptian pounds.
"No, not worth it!"
"OK, how about 50 Egyptian pounds?"
"No, not worth it!"
"OK, 20?"
"No, not worth it!"
"How about 10?"
"No, not worth it!"
"Listen, these pills cost US $10 each. How can you say they are not worth it?"
"Oh, the pills ARE worth it. My wife is not worth it."

and then I saw this height of creativity recently..during one of those anti iraq protests in the US a lady carries a placard saying this:“some one give George Bush a b*** job please. We can impeach him”
What creativity eh?

so, enjoy ur week end;-)