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Friday, January 08, 2016

what an MLA!

after 15 days and some 2000kms around am back in Chennai (for a day that to pondy for the Dinamalar expo- special organic Pavilion next 4 days) the long silence..hardly had net access..
while those updates can wait, something very nice happened today..
was called by Doordarshan for a talk show on farmers (pongal coming u see!)..this is a typical DD format where an anchor and 2 'experts' talk..this time it was on "farmers development and if SusAg is a solution"
i had asked them when they called me to check who the other person was, they told me they were trying to bring in a farmers leader/ as i went in to the Directors office I saw this man sitting with such simple demeanor..and he welcomed me with a smile..i havent seen him nor heard..that was a rude shock as I thought I will know most of the farmer leaders 9atleast by look if not in person!)..
and this man coolly asked me " so u r the person working with org farmers and running organic shops..where?"
and then i ask him (with due apologies and a hush tone) who and where r u from sir..
he says Iam a farmer leader from Chidambaram and an MLA!
what did i hear right? MLA? i ask him if he was a "sitting" MLA..
He was so "karaai" in his big battalion big loud "I Know all" talk..he confirmed he is the sitting MLA...
The talk show (i think it will be telecast during this pongal hols onslaught) recording went on well..but thats not important..
at the end of the show the hosts (DD that is) ask if we need to dropped..
and this man, cooly says " NO, I will just walk it..a good evening walk it shall be.." and seriously started walking..
yes alone!!
man, what a sight!! what a great feeling to meet such nice, simple 'air' about being an MLA!!
such a rare thing in todays politics..
and Iam not going to tell u which party he is from..just guess:-)